Radical hysterectomy results are in

Hi ladies. Just wanted to start by saying thank you for your support and that I hope all of your treatments and recoveries are going well. I was diagnosed in sept stage 1b1 after a routine smear and a hand delivered appointment for colposcopy anyway I had my open radical hysterectomy and removal of tubes and lymph nodes 3 weeks ago (ovaries remain) absolutely petrified because I also have a 2 & 3 year old and gutted because we should of been on our honeymoon last week. Anyway I got my results telling me the surgery was a SUCCESS all cancer had been removed there was no lymph involvement so no need for further treatment. I’m so happy I’m still limited with mobility and can’t pick my kids up I have one hell of a war wound but I’m so thankful it was caught so early and I get a second chance with my beauts. Keep fighting ladies we need to win this war xxx

Really good news about your results! 

I am absolutely delighted for you xxxx

Thank you lovelies I'm over the moon  shocked at how quickly everything has happened I thought I would be waiting 8 weeks for those results x

Really good news 

exactly same situation. My children are 7&5 though. I'm still waiting for my results. As you're pretty much at the same point as me (I had ovaries removed) how are you finding you bladder and bowels? My bowels are terrible constipated then diarrhoea then constipated I struggle to eat very much and end up with trapped wind and having quite severe pains in my stomach/ bowels as things are trying to move. This morning to the point of pain so bad I have been sick. It's been like this up and down since the operation. Have you experienced anything similar? 

sorry for jumping in on post just looking for some answers. Congrats on your results. Ditto to the war wound. My surgeon cut vertically which he said was a possibility but still looks horrendous xx 

Hey lovely I hope your recovering well. Oh gosh yes I had some awful problems I ended up back in hospital. I had an impacted bowel on the day my catheter was removed nothing budged it I got put on 6 movicol a day 2 lots of lactulose and also had 2 suppositories and an enema that night I had diarrhea so I stopped taking everything but was told the next day it was overflow and to keep taking them and that I had a water infection. The diarrhea went on for 4 days but still everyone presumed it was overflow. Anyway my husband ended up taking me into hospital because my bladder went into retention and I was in absolute agony i had pain from surgery (I stopped the pain relief because of not being able to poo) pain my bladder holding wee, pain from constipation and j had an infection inside in the stitches (vaginal) I had a ct scan because I had so much fluid leaking from down there they thought it was wee but it was from the infection. And the CT showed my body was full of gas which was causing pain everytime I moved. Buscopan was my saviour for the gas pain I then reduced the lactulose to just in the morning and stopped the movicol I've been more regular than pre surgery since doing this although the only warning I get that I need the toilet is stomach cramps and then I find I have a couple minutes to get to the loo. If you aren't pooing and you are vomiting you really need to get some medical advice sweet so they can make sure there is no blockage. I found the first week of recovery went really well but the 2nd was just awful week three has been much better infection has gone, I can wee and poop and I also have my results which lifted a huge weight. I don't think I had anymore treatment in me the surgery knocked me off my feet mentally. I was exactly the same with food which meant I was in a catch 22 have you a nurse you can get some advice from and have them check you over? I really feel for you it was by far the most awful pain (and I've birth 2 brutes without pain meds) I spent an hour at a time sobbing on the loo. Have you tried a bath? With no products. Please message me if you need to chat about anything I felt so lonely and it was the worst take care sweet xx

I got your message too but reading this your issues sound so similar to mine. Like I said in my message I'm now on lactalose but I did the same stopped the pain meds as they cause constipation, I ended up back in hosp because of pain from constipation and gas and also a UTI. There are so many similarities - I'm the same I'll get cramps and then I have to go to the toilet no waiting. I'm also leaking but I can't work out if I'm still slightly incontinent (as I was due to the UTI) or if its discharge. I thought I'd give that a bit longer as you can discharge up to 6 weeks. I've sent another urine sample in to make sure no infection still. I'm 4 weeks tomo since surgery and feel the most normal I have since. Same first  week was ok but week 2/3 horrendous (feel I'm over that hump) but now I have one hrt patch left and there's a national shortage so that's an issue I'm due to discuss with my doctor tomo. Xx thanks for the reply reading your details have made me feel so much better as they're so similar it's unreal. The gas and the constipation along with infections made it so painful. I've also given birth twice my second was breach and no pain meds but I coped with that better than this!  
thanks again x (got my results too and all clear!!) 

yey xx 

Aw I'm so pleased your results are clear that's fab in time for christmas. It's crazy how similar our experiences have been I've replied to your message hope everything else starts falling into place for you the only problems I have at the minute is being full of cold the coughing pulls on my wounds but it's much more bearable than a few weeks back my nurse advised me to hold a cushion over my tummy and the pressure helps control it take care lovely and keep in touch it's so nice to know there's someone at the same stage with the same experience x