3 Letz and now pregnant (children and pregnancy mentioned)

Hi all. Ive had my 3rd Letz procedure to remove CIN3 in may of this year. I am now pregnant for the 8th time (5 m/c) and i have 2 beautiful boys. My question is.... I was told by the nurse at the colposcopy and my private gynae that i would now have an incompetent cervix after 3 Ops and that i have hardly any of my cervix left. I was told by my private gynae that i would need a cerclage placed at 14 - 16 weeks and would be a 'high risk' pregnancy. He wrote to my hospital and made them aware of my situation. I went to an appointment with the hospitals gynae at the early pregnancy unit where i was told quite rudely that they 'didnt do cerclages in this day and age' its an old fashioned thing and are refusing to scan my cervix until 16 weeks. Surely this is leaving it far too long knowing that i have a shortened cervix from operations? I am currently 8wks 5days and have had stomach ache and spotting over the wkend. I have read on google that some women have their cerclage placed at 9 weeks. Am i worrying needlessly or do i need to put my foot down more firmly? I was told by another doctor at the hospital that they actually offer the stitch to pregnant women that have had more than one letz anyway even though i was never offered one when pregnant with my sons and i had had 2 letz. Sorry to babble but im worried!!!

Hi Stacca - that sounds like quite a specialised question, but I can understand why you are concerned. Jo’s has an ‘Ask the Expert’ service which might be worth consulting - if you click on ‘Support’ further up this page youll be able to get to it.

Best of luck ! x

Thankyou for not reading and running xxx

Hi first off congratulations on your pregnancy. I understand where your coming from and know its scary. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and have been closely monitored from early on after stage 1b1 cervical cancer. At my 9 week scan I was told they would start the cervical scanning at 12 weeks, the earliest possible date they would do a stitch would be 14 weeks. I was told if my cervics was less than 1.5cm I would get a stitch placed abdominaly, if I was less that 2.5cm it would be a normal stitch and anything over 2.5cm they wouldn’t do anything. I was then scanned at 12, 16 and 20 weeks with my cervics consistently being just under 3cm so no intervention required. At my first scan they told me they wouldn’t be doing the check as “very recently guidelines had changed and it wouldn’t effect my treatment” I was shocked and both mysf and my husband questioned this. After checking with my consultant I received an appology as they hadn’t read my history!

I would say push for the scan, if they don’t do the stitch then ask what other advice they can give you. I was told dehydration shortens the cervics so stay well hydrated. Ensure you reduce your activity and maybe they will suggest bed rest. I will keep everything crossed for you and hope you get some answers. If you have any questions PM me as I can miss things with the new forum set up xx