Positive Stories needed! Pregnant with stitch after cone biopsy and LLETZ last year

Hi ladies

I know this area of the forum doesn't get my traffic but hoping I might eventually get some responses...

I'm currently 17+4 weeks pregnant having had a stitch placed at 13wks.  Prior to the procedure my cervix had been measured at 1.9cm, however after the op she told me there was less there to work with than she'd thought and she'd had to move my bladder to get it in.  She told me it was almost certainly going to be a preterm delivery, I just have to get to 28weeks, every week is a bonus and if we don't get the outcome we want this time, she'll do a transabdominal stitch before we try again.  Needless to say I was VERY upset after being told all this. 

I've been reassuring myself with knowing that this Dr is very much a 'worst case scenario' Dr.  She's the same one I saw when I had the cancer scare, so I've experience of her bedside manner!

My next appointment is on Monday when I'll be 18weeks.

I've joined some FB support groups for Incompetent Cervixes and there's a few women on there who have had stitches for the same reason as me, but mostly they're due to their dilating too early. 

I'm hoping someone who's had a stitch with minimal cervix remaining will come along on here and tell me their positive story with a happy ending. Please!!


Hi elgreenery. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I thought I recognised your name and I remember replying to you when you were first diagnosed. I'm sorry I don't have experience as I had my 2 babies before any of this but I hope someone comes along soon with some reassurance. I have read stories on here before about succesful pregnancy after lletz and cone biopsy, there's old posts on here by a lady called higs if you look up, I think she had 2 babies after 1a1 lletz and cone biopsy, think her babies were born around 30 weeks but both absolutely fine and healthy. Did your doctor say theres anything you can do, bed rest or anything? Although probably not possible if you already have another child to look after x

Hi Libby thanks for replying.  Smile I recognise your name too!

I'll see if I can find some of her posts.  I did read one or two stories on here, but greedy for more!

She's specfically told me to carry on as normal, but be sensible and no sex for now.  Lots of the women I've seen in the FB group have been put on bed rest/modified bed rest or at the very least advised to keep time on their feet to a minimum, no heavy lifting, no baths/swimming and no sex.  So I've taken it upon myself to take it as easy as possible, no baths/swimming/sex or heavy lifting. It seems like the least I can do! It's just the uncertainty and not knowing that makes it so hard Cry x

I really feel for you, it must be a constant worry for you. I had a read through here after reading your post last night and found a few women having babies after treatment.  Sounds like you'e doing all you can and I would do the same, just take it as easy as possible and rest up as much as you can, anything to take the pressure off your cervix so no carrying shopping bags, no long walks etc. Every extra day helps. Will they be giving you injections at some point to help babies lungs if does come early? x

Yes that's planned for when I'm 26 weeks. I've actually read that the minimum time they can do that is 23/24 wks so I'm taking that as a positive that they're willing travel it at 26.

Nervous for my appt on Monday. Nothing untoward to be concerned about but nerve wracking nonetheless.

I've asked my mw to get me on the list for mental health support too. 


congrats on your pregnancy!! Its not quite the same as I have a TAC which is above the cervix (which in my case is non exsistent as it was removed. But wanted to reply to you with some positive news so you are not left hanging!

I made it to 38 weeks with no complications And had a planned c section.  I would suggest the following things which may help you get to term if your doc hasn’t already suggested them... no swimming, baths or sex - minimise the risk of getting an infection. My doctor prescribed progesterone (which I had to put up my bum! Horrible business!) but it helps stop early contractions (I think that was the reason) 

I also had scans every other week to check the stitch which made me feel a bit better.

from 28 weeks I was signed off work and took it very easy and tried to keep off my feet as much as I could as the weight starts pushing down on the stitch So you will need to take it easy. 

The Facebook forums are fantastic as you will probably find someone with an identical story to yours. 

I wish you all the very best with the pregnancy! 


Thank you Parky, I've only just seen this!

22wks tomorrow. Can't wait to reach the 23wk first milestone next week.

My Dr hasn't advised any of what you've said! But having done my own research I've been following it since having the stitch put in anyway. I've literally been told to carry on as normal. My last appt was as 18wks but no cervix check as told there was no point and no progesterone as also told no point!! There does seem to be a lot that varies from Dr to Dr. 

Next appt is a week Monday, at 23wks. Steroids at 26wks. 

Keeping on keeping on anyway Smile

Hello everyone 

Hi Jiwani Laughing


OK so just in case anyone reads this at any point, I'm updating...26 + 4 now.  I had my steroids yesterday and day before.  Very burny injections, not pleasant at all! Had difficulty sleeping and some hot flushes but otherwise fine.  My next consultant appt is at 28wks and I'll start growth scans then.

At my last appt she checked my stitch via ultrasound while checking on the baby and confirmed it looked like it was holding and fine.  She also exclaimed that it was a 'good job we got that stitch in there because I have like no cervix left'!  Yes, thanks for reminding me!!

All looking good so far though Laughing


32 weeks now Smile Nothing to report really.  Started getting the odd random pain which I think could be my cervix, but I can't remember what's normal from when I had my little boy! 

Really interesting reading your story. I had Lletz and cone biopsy but was told at a preconception meeting last week that i dont have enough cervix left to have the stitch put in once pregnant (i have about 1.5cm). So we have to decide whether to risk the pregnancy completely natural and hope for the best or have a TAC put in before we conceive. My instinct said TAC but my doctor is really reluctant due to the risks of the surgery. Totally torn with what to do!

Hi all 

So just to fill you all in.. at 35wks I was showing signs of early labour (pressure, cramps, aching back, hip pain spreading around my sides). I went to the hospital and I was contracting but irregularly and fibro test (which indicates if labour is imminent) came back positive so I wasn't allowed to leave! Spent 2 nights there but everything eased off. I live within sight of the hospital so was allowed home but stayed on bed rest and my section was brought forward to the next week. 36+2wks. 

My little girl was born safely on 12th June weighing 6lb3. We went home the following day! Everything has gone so well! So grateful to my consultant and my stitch for keeping her in there!

I'm pleased my story can give others hope. Laughing


Haven't been on here for a while and just read your update. Huge congratulations to you and your family xxx