I'm pregnant straight after LLETZ

hi, I had LLETZ at the beginning of August and last week I found out I'm pregnant with no5. I was treated for cin2 and got a letter saying there was nothing to suggest anything more serious. Just wondering if anyone can tell me things I should be careful of, or any higher risks of things from having LLETZ so close tI getting pregnant? I read there's a slight chance I wouldn't be as late/overdue as I normally am but I'm a bit worried about having sex because I don't know whether my cervix might be easily irritated due to the LLETZ? Am I making sense? Lol. 

Thanks in advance xx

I meant cin3, not cin2.

I meant cin3, not cin2.

Hi, first of all congratulations :) 

I have not experienced this myself but iv read a lot of ladies who have had the lletz treatment usually need a stitch in their cervix during pregnancy, this is just for extra support I think as your cervix will be weaker now (or shorter). I think that you are monitored more closely through out the pregnancy which in my eyes is good, probably have more scans, check ups etc. You need to tell your midwife obviously I don't need to tell you that, but also I advise to mention it each time you see a different doctor or consultant etc to be on the safe side and make sure they've read the notes. As for sex right now if I was you I would keep it to a minimum until you get the "go" from the midwives / docs. Only reason I say that is down to the fact the cervix usually takes 4-6 months to completely heal. And the last thing you need right now would be to irritate it and cause it any more damage or possible infection, I went to my 6 month smear after my lletz the other day and I asked how it looked after my lletz, the nurse said hs could see where It was yet it's almost looking normal, point is that I expected it to be completely healed. Wish you the best xxx

Hi, thank you so much ☺️ any idea when the stitch goes in and comes out? Will ask at Drs appointment which is today but my drs are a bit rubbish lol. Thanks for the advice! 

I'm not sure at all when the stitch goes in to be honest. Sure I read that it's around 8-12 weeks but I think it may be different for every lady as every cervix is different. You may not need one, or you may need one now. Good luck at the doctors today ;) Also I just want to add all of what I said is just through reading this forum, so I don't know in fact, it is all just to give u an idea xxxxx