Pregnancy after CGIN/LLETZ

Hello, had CGIN high grade and LLETZ treatment which removed it all. Have to go back in jan for 'brush and broom' smear. Very worried about it coming back as am 34 and have not started on a family yet. A week after LLETZ I haemorraged and had to rush to hospital but I know and seems to have healed well. Any advice, words of wisdom appreciated! 

Hey, it’s hard to do but the best thing to do is try not to worry. It sounds as though they got all of the cgin out and you’ll now be monitored closely.

I can’t really comment on pregnancy after as unfortunately after my lletz I got diagnosed with cc and recently had a radical hysterectomy.

When I asked the lady who did my lletz about pregnancy though she said it doesn’t tend to cause any problems. You may be at a slightly higher risk, and it is small, of going into early labour but you would likely be under consultant care rather than a midwife.

Hope that helps a little, its what I understood from the questions I asked at the time. If in any doubt I’d give your colposcopy unit a call or see your gp as they are normally more than happy to help.

Good luck with everything, J xx

I've had a lletz and a cone biopsy so only have half of my cervix left now. Despite that, the consultant has told me repeatedly that it should have no impact on my fertility. There is a slightly increased risk of miscarriage and the likelihood is that you would go into very slightly premature labour (not enough to be a worry, you just wouldn't go over your due date!) but it shouldn't have any affect on your ability to get pregnant in the first place. I was also told that I would be monitored throughout any pregnancies as my cervix will be weaker now so I may end up having to have a stitch put in at some point during pregnant to support it. hope that helps!

I am also worried about the exact same thing

 I was hoping to start trying for a baby in the next 1-2 years but have been diagnosed with CIN3 and I am awaiting my loop results 

I stressed over and over during the coloscopy, punch and loop appointments that I had not had my children yet and I did not want to do anything which might affect a later pregnancy but my consultant was foreign and misunderstood my question and assumed I was suggesting I didnt have the treatment at all and warned me I would get cancer - I finally managed to explain myself and she just said "very rare" ....

Not very informative xx

Hi Ladies,

Me and my hub was thinking of starting a family this year but i was recently diagnosed with Stage 1a1, waiting for MRI results and further treatment. I am also worried that it might affect mhy chances of having a baby but i was advised by the consultant that they would put a stitch, i did read that you should wait up to 12 months after a cone biopsy before trying for a baby to give your cervix enough time to heal so i am hopeful that i will be able to have children the only question i would have is if they put a stitch in the cervix would this break when giving birth as i did read on another cancer site that if they had a stitch the the baby would have to be born by c section, so does this mean you cant try again?

Trudy xx

HI ladies

I have given birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy full term+ 5days via C-section. After being diagnosed with 1a1 Cc encroaching on the blood vessels.

I had a lletz and a cold knife cone biopsy which only left me with 15mm of cervix. I was advised to have a cervical stitch put in but there seems to be no clear guidlines as to how reliable this is and was told they do it beacuse they have always done them incases like mine. Anyway upon being submitted they were unable to carry out the stitch as I didnt have enough external cervix to be stitched. My specialist asdvised he thought I had a 80% chance of carrying naturally. I was scanned monthly to check for funneling, no funneling happened and I gave birth via C section in January as my cervix would not dilate and they were scared it ruptured.

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Sorry I'm late to this, but I wanted to share my positive experience for anyone affected by this issue. I suffered for years with worrying smear tests, and it resulted in several colposcopys and two Lletz surgeries, to remove CIN1 and (two years later) CIN3. I was always told by doctors to consider pregnancy as soon as I could, as they were concerned about my fertility, especially being 'old' (35!!). Anyway, despite all the scare stories and horrible worrying I am pleased to say I had no fertility issues and got pregnant very quickly. 

One thing I'd like to add is that my smear tests have been normal for the past few years, ever since I've been eating more blueberries and vitamins. I wish you and everyone on here all the best. Please take some reassurance in knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel, words I never thought I'd say.