23 weeks pregnant after lletz treatment

Hi everyone, 

I am after some advice please as I am 23+2 weeks pregnant and having some problems after lletz treatment.

Cutting the long story short I had an abnormal smear April 2016 server cell changes, high grade and I needed Lletz treatment in the May which showed CIN3. I had the check up smear in February 2017, so almost a year after the Lletz. The results from my smear showed borderline changes but no HPV found so back to 3 yearly smears.

Since finding out I’m pregnant I have been under consultant care alongside a midwife so they can keep a close eye on my cervical Length. I have scans every 2 weeks to check its not shortening or preparing for labour. 

Anyway the worry I’m having now is that over the last week I have been on and off brown spotting and cramping. I have had a scan today which shows the cervix is all fine so they’ve taken swabs too. I’m concerned that the spotting is to do with the cell changes still and maybe instead of them going away, they have become worse?? 

Can they become worse without me having the HPV virus? 

Does anyone know what the swabs can show? I thought swabs check for STI’s and infections? 

Does anyone have any info for me, I’m worrying

Thanks x

I’ve just read this - I’m so sorry you’ve been waiting for a reply. I’m totally not clued up enough to comment ( and probably none of the ladies on here reading this are ) but I’m sure you are in the safest hands possible and great your docs are keeping a close eye on you. 

Sending you a big virtual hug and hoping everything is ok 



Hi, thank you so much for your reply. It’s hard being able to talk to people that’s been through similar. 

I actually ended up on the labour ward last week (24weeks pregnant) be I started bleeding...they did some more tests, another swab, checked for urine infection but all that came back clear which is great. i mentioned my concern about the cells changing but the doctor said my cervix does look healthy from what he can see. Although he cannot say 100%. They let me go home to monitor it and thankfully after 2 days it had stopped. 25 weeks now and all seems ok. They put it down to an unexplained bleed for now!

It’s such a worry, when u have the treatment to start with no1 really gives u enough information on pregnancy.