Pregnant one month after third lletz procedure

Hi lovely ladies. I’ve found myself in a rather surprising-albeit-very lovely situation.


I’ve had three lots of lletz treatment for high grade changes, the most recent being the 29th Nov last year. I was told I’ll most likely need a stitch at around 15-17 weeks-which is fine. 


My main concern is that I’ve become pregnant so soon after treatment and haven’t yet had my results back. We found out yesterday! My gynaecologist did however advise at the time, that her hopes would be that-if the abnormal cells were still there-I would be left and monitored to be able to start trying for a baby. I know that I don’t have a great deal of cervix left now. 


The pregnancy was completely unplanned , so the timing wasn’t intentional. Has anyone else found themselves in a similar sitution? What did they do if so? I’ll contact the colposcopy team and my GP obviously.


Thanks in advance! X 

Congrats - seems like you have a pretty good hold on things. I had a cone biopsy done 3 months ago, and I want to start trying to have kids. I am planning to follow this post to see what others have to say. 

Just wanted to say good luck :) 

Everything will be okay!embarassedtongue-outlaughing

How did this pan out for you? I’m curious plus did you have normal smear after x