2WW Referral - terrified

Not sure if this is the correct place to post but seemed most appropriate. In my case there has been no smear, next one not due until Jan.

Been to see my GP with spotting between periods, heavy/clotty periods and bleeding during sex (not huge amounts, but any is not normal).

GP was lovely and immediately popped me on the bed for a little poke around. Took a swab and told me to get dressed. Sat back down and told i was being referred under the 2 week referral, no mention of cancer. I needed a copy of my brief medical summary as I’m due to have some elective surgery. Receptionist printed it off for me and BOOM, my life turned upside down. The phrase used was “appearance of the cervix consistent with cervical cancer”. Can GPs actually spot CC or is this just medical code to make sure my referral is successful?

Its been nearly a week and heard nothing yet. The waiting is the worst, every dark thought has passed through my mind even though I’m trying hard to see it as just an appointment.

Hello. Anything referred within two weeks means it’s “urgent” in the sense of needing to be investigated. Medical professionals can sometimes see inconsistencies on the cervix when they examine people, however there are various things this could be not necessarily CC. I know it’s so much easier said than done but try not to spool into anxiety. It won’t be long until you are seen and you will have more information from specialists as to what you’re dealing with. I know how hard the waiting is so am sending you lots of positivity. X


Thank you so much for taking time to respond. The support on this forum is incredible x

To different degrees, we’re all in the same boat and I think for all of us it’s the uncertainty which is so hard to deal with. Having talked the big talk to you, I am so anxious about my appt next week. Need to take my own advice! X

The uncertainty is awful. What’s your appointment next week? Fingers crossed it is good news for you x

I had a LLETZ procedure to remove CIN 2 so am going back for my 6 month “test of cure” where they will see what the situation is now. I had positive margins (ie not all abnornal cells were removed) so am not hopeful. I just want to know at this point! x

Sorry to hear that KatieT. Sending positive thoughts your way x

My doctor told me she’d put suspected CC to justify the urgent referral. It could be that you have cervical erosion, they look very similar to CC if it’s visible, and it can be identified very quickly at colposcopy.
I’d say try not to worry, but that’s a stupid thing to say as you’re going to worry. I’ll say stay busy. Xx

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Thank you Leigh. I’ve been referred to the Ob/gyn unit rather than colposcopy. Taking that as a good sign but coukd just be what happens in this area. I’ve only got to wait until next Thursday and I’m very lucky that I’m on a girly long weekend which should distract me

Thanks for taking time to comment, it’s actually really reassuring that Drs use that langiage to justify the referral x

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Hi Rach44
If you don’t mind me asking how did you get on?
I’ve also had a letter referring me to urgent gynae department within 2 weeks for suspected cancer but GP didn’t mention that just said it might be ectropion. All the other posts I’ve seen are about colposcopy letters but yours was the first that sounded the same as mine which is gynae
Hope all is ok xxx