Worried about the referral

Hello everyone, 


First of all before I go on i just want to say sorry if my post sounds petty in comparison to what some of you brave ladies are going / have been through.


I am 27 years old, and back in 2015 my first smear came back as abnormal and I ended up having to have a LLETZ treatment for CIN3.

I have continued to have yearly smears (was told this would happen for 3 years). Thankfully all have came back ok.

FAST FORWARD to now...

My last smear was in March, and even though it came back ok I have been having on going issues (irregular bleeding a / discharge, pain and bleeding during and after sex, and a very deep back ache). Two weeks ago was prescribed antibiotics and thrush treatment as swabs from my GP showed an infection and thrush - and I was assured this was causing my problems. After a trip back today with my symptoms worsening my doctor has decided I need a referral to colposcopy - however I am upset, because in my own doctors words ‘you are presenting all the signs for an urgent referral but because you are younger than 35 it won’t be a two week referral and you could be waiting months‘. 


How is is this acceptable for anyone? My mother has a history of cervical cancer (twice) so obviously I feel more anxious due to my past and hers. Her cancer went undetected and was classed as negligence which is another story. 


Basically i I don’t know why I’m writing all of this, I just feel extremely scared and anxious about the wait, and i think it’s only human to think the worst! X


So sorry to hear that, what an unusual rule seen as cc is still possible under age 35! That's pretty awful can you see another dr at your practice to see if you can get a 2nd opinion? I don't understand why they would make you wait so long, did they offer to do a repeat smear? If possible I would definitely push for one. If not can you afford (no idea how much) to get the colposcopy done private? 

I feel frustrated for you, it seems very unfair. I hope you manage to be seen asap!

Sending hugs


So sorry to hear that, must be stressful. I would advise, if you have the emotional strnegth, to push for it. I';ve worked in NHS management for five years and, unfortunately, sometimes you do need to complain and be more assertive to get what you want. Try and see a different GP, perhaps a senior partner, tell them what the other GP said and that there is history and request they give you 2W referral. If all else fails, you can have it done privately for around £150 or so I think. 

Best of luck x