2nd time cell change treatment

Hi, ive recently had my 2nd colcopscopy. My 1st ine was age 31 - which was 33 years ago i had Lletz that time. I was very good at havkng my smears to begin with then after havjng ket upto date with a couple after my 2nd child i kind of let them slide. Should have known better. I reckon i went over 10 years before having this latest smear. This came back as cell changes and hpv. Ive been for another colcopscopy and was expecting at the worst Lletz again. At first the doctor said it was all ok then said i had a polyp and woukd remove it, then she said she was doing a punch biopsy of the area that showed changes. Still at least 2 more weeks for the results. She qas also sending the polyp to be looked at. Anyway im reasonably positive it’ll all come back as ok. Ny main question is arouns future treatment. Someine has told me that normally if someon3 jas had to under colcopscopy twice for cell changes then they usually get advised to have a hysterectomy. Is this true? Not been mentioned to me by anyone in the medical profession. My mother had a hysterectomy aged about 31 after potential cerivcal cancer, unsure if she had developed cancer or the hysterectomy was to prevent things developing further. My older sister has also had treatment (lletz) she was also aged 31 first time round. Is this maybe why yhe person said i would be offered an hysterectomy. I ak 54 and coming through the menopause. No periods for 2 and half years

Hi @Dotty

Hysterectomies are only considered as a very last resort for treating abnormalties the abnormalties generally need to be persistently CIN3 and it wouldnt be advised for someone who had treatment once years ago to have one at this point nomatter the age, depending on how much has been removed previously they usually perform upto 3 LLETZ treatments but some have been able to have more, what you have been told is simply not true

Treating abnormalities with a hysterectomy comes with its own risks, its not just for fertility reasons or that its a major surgery that they dont like to do it, its mainly because the surgery does not stop cell changes from developing/coming back, as it doesnt remove the virus itself if it stays active the abnormalities could occur on the vaginal cuff where the cervix used to be… it eliminates CIN and CC but it puts us at higher risk of developing the rarer VAIN that can eventually lead to vaginal cancer

If abnormalities are actually present at the colposcopy, the treatment offered will be another LLETZ xx

Thank you. That has put my mind at ease. It was something I was anxious about as the thought of surgery was leaving me more anxious than waiting for the biopsy results

Yes i think after two lletz treatments you can no longer be treated via lletz. Im in the same position having ny second lletz treatment on Monday under GA.

Ive just had a letter to say biopsybhas shown high grade changes and that they would be inviting ne back for Lletz. This will be my 2nd lletz. 10 minutes after the letter arrived i got a text kessage yo l9g into hospital.portal for appointment to gynaecologist regarding the results on 28th Feb, assuming this will also be for the lletz. I’ll ring on Monday and confirm. Appointment drops on my first day off work, i work 4 on 4 off, so at least wot have to book time off work for it and will be able to rest without booking sick leave. Was amazed at how quick I’ve been invited back. But at least itll be over and done sooner rather than later

So update, went to my Lletz appointment yesterday, sat with consuktant first, i asked ehat would happen if the results came back as unclear margins and she told me i would be offerred a hysterectomy as there wasnt a lot left of my cervix from the previous Lletz.
She then tried to perform the the Lletz but the local anaesthetic didn’t take fulk effect, she decided that it qoukd safer to do under general anaesthetic again becausw of how little cervix I had left from the previous Lletz.
What bothers me most is that i asked if i qoukd bw given an optiom to change the date of the op due to work as i work 4 on 4 off so better to attend on days off, she said th hospital does allow it but she has booked it for for as soon as possible and thinks i would be better off accepting any appointment they offer ne rather than potentially delay the proecedure. Think ive got mysekf worked up over nothing, but wording can make a huge difference when your locking for reassurance

Further update, cqme in for my Lletz today to be done under GA. They agreed to a spinal block. The doctor advised that that there was very littke cervix left from my first Lletz and was not happy to do the lletz procedure due to this, she adviced she was taking another biopsy instead and would then discuss in MDT re a hysterectomy. I’ve come to terms with that this is going to likely happen. Its the waiting for the results of this biopsy again now, to see if there is a more definitive result.