Still Abnormal cells present

Finally after 8 weeks and chasing my second Lletz results were discussed at the MDT. They still haven’t been able to remove all the abnormal precancerous cells (CIN 3 high risk hpv). The letter is very vague saying although they don’t have to treat further it is an option that they would like to discuss in person. Otherwise I can wait 6 months and have another smear. I am guessing they will suggest a hysterectomy as that was mentioned at my last Lletz if they were not able to get all the cells. In all honesty I would rather that than live with the knowledge I am walking around with these cells inside of me waiting for another smear. Thankfully I don’t have too long to wait until that appointment to find out.

Hello sorry that they didn’t manage to get it all out in the second LLETZ, are you thinking to just go for Hysterectomy ? I remember we exchanged messages about it in a different post, maybe you can ask them the chances of it clearing on your 6 months check if they think it could be a possibility maybe waiting until then is not such a bad idea you can always go ahead with Hysterectomy after the 6 months I guess.
I remember reading that sometimes the Lletz with no clear margins can still clear at 6 months check because inmune system just gets rid of it. Anyway whatever you decide I wish you the best. Take care. Going for my Colposcopy on Tuesday 1 year after Lletz very nervous to be honest.

It may well be that a hysterectomy would be suggested, but it’s important to be aware that abnormal cells can return after a hysterectomy and you still need to get check ups. It seems to be assumed sometimes that the hysterectomy is a cure all, but that’s not always the case because while the abnormalities caused by the virus are removed, the virus itself isn’t.


Hop1 I hope your colposcopy went ok! I have the added complication of having Lupus and from what I have read it can increase my chances of cervical cancer anyway. (Obviously I will discuss this with the doctors). It will be interesting to see what the doctors say on Tuesday.

Hello my Colposcopy was good no abnormalities at all could be seen on the screen so no byopsy taken. I am still waiting on results from the swap but gynecologist was quite positive and hopefully she is right and my cells are all normal now :grinning:
She said some women stay HPV positive after Lletz for many years and that doesn’t necessarily mean cell changes again, of course is much better to be negative as chances of cancer are almost 0 then. But it made me feel better to know that. Take care hopefully we can both get rid of it soon