Back to square one

Hello all!  I'm 41 years old.  Had my first abnormal smear December 2019.  Went for a colposcopy which showed CIN3.  Had a LEEP (I'm in the USA) in April 2020.  Showed severe dysplasia, but with negative margins (clear).  Follow up smear came back "much improved".  Went back another six months after that which was the end of April 2021.  Smear came back abnormal due to a virus.  I have high risk HPV in which I've had for 8 years but negative for 16 and 18.  My doctor recommended a hysterectomy but I'm not ready for that.  Just need a place to vent and share my experience.  Thanks for listening!

Hey orangena18,

Sorry you're going through this. It seems a bit extreme to be recommending a hysterectomy as you've only had one treatment for precancerous cells. I have heard many stories of women needing two or three treatments before the virus goes into dormancy. But the lletz or leep procedure does seem to be very effective eventually . Why does your doctor want to go straight for the hysterectomy?

Lots of love,


I wondered the same, after having a sharp intake of breath ...

Oh no! If your uterus is removed, you will no longer have periods and cannot get pregnant. Is that the last resort?