Lletz treatment round 2

Hi all, around 7 years ago I had my first abnormal smear, high grade changes, I had the lletz twice as they missed cells the first time. I then had a couple of normal smears, and this time round i had another abnormal smear, low grade changes, went for a colposcopy, nurse told me it was fairly common to see cell changes if you’d had treatment before, but she’d do a biopsy as a formality. I went away thinking I had nothing to worry about, fast forward 2 weeks and I got a letter to say there were pre cancerous cell changes and I had to have another lletz treatment, what makes it worse in the brochure is it says at least 90% of cases never need treatment again.
Now I’m scared, about the chances of getting cancer, about carrying a child, I’m already 38 with no children and aware it’s going to be hard as it is! I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago, but one doctor told me this can change & once you’ve been diagnosed doesn’t mean you’ll always have it, my cousin’s doctor has told her different!
I guess I’m just hoping to find someone else that’s been in the same boat & come out the other side & can advise.
Sorry for the essay!!