2nd colposcopy advice plz

Hey this is my first post here, I’ve been having smear tests yearly for five years now and had a colposcopy about two years ago. However I had a very bad experience with a smear test which made me apprehensive before the first colposcopy. I managed through it but was left feeling violated and traumatised after the colposcopy. 

After been told no further action was needed but to continue smear tests annually I thought great. However after this last smear I’ve been referred back to have a colposcopy again. 

I know the answer that I need to go for the colposcopy but any tips on how to try and stay calm. Is it worth me ringing the hospital beforehand. Or do I just turn up and explain my concerns when I get there. 

Any help or advice would be appreciated 



I would ring the colposcopy clininc beforehand and explain your concerns, this in itself may make you feel less worried.

Alternatively I think some women get their GP to perscribe them Diazepam as a one off to make them more relaxed. They let me have gas and air when i had to had to have my cervix re-cauterised, so maybe thats an option? 


first of all im so sorry you have had to go trough this. but yes defnatly ring the hospital. also the nhs  sexual help line might beable to give you some good advice 0300 123 7123. when you say you felt violated  was it becuse it was a male doctor if so you have the RIGHT to a female if they say its to late ect you can talk to  https://www.nhs.uk/common-health-questions/nhs-services-and-treatments/what-is-pals-patient-advice-and-liaison-service/   and they will help termasipan will help take the edge off but thats allit will do take the edge off if you had a realy bad time some people have had a genral for a coloscapy and there stories are on the forum please let me know how you get on and dont surffer in silence