Hi hoping for some advice please, 

tried not getting too worried but its getting harder

13th july smear procedure nurse said my cervix was abnormal then had a lot of bleeding that much i fainted.. Did not think anything of it two weeks later received letter confirming high rish hpv abnormal cells called in for coloposcopy 2 weeks later... At appt the nurse advised high risk may done procedure today asked not to due to anxiety that I would rather be under general anesthetic she advised she would take biopsy ...

Biopsy taken sat down all she said wait for biopsy results then go from there, nothing about what she seen what cin it is nothing didnt think untill i spoke to a few ladies who been through same thing and all of them was told what the nurse 

So i go onto cervical cancer symtoms through nhs site.. Talks about irregular bleeding and painful sex which ive had for 2 years and doctor put it down to the copper coil and just prescribed me with mefenamic tablets to help with the bleeding and im anemic  so now im worried its nearly been 2 weeks since my coloscopy 

can some one please advise me 

thankyou :) 

Did your nurse colposcopist give you any contact details, like a phone number or an email address? I had some worries because my letters never gave an actual result. They were so vague and it made me really worried! I emailed in the end and she clarified what the grade of cells were for my smear, and what her observation was at the colposcopy, and then the biopsy grade too :-) It really helped. If you don't have their contact details, you can try your GP or the nurse who did your smear. They should be able to talk you through the grading.

Good luck, and keep us posted xx

Gretch14 thankyou for replying yes they given me a letter after coloscopy with the number to the clinic, i have rang this number twice to which I was just transferred to answer machine as the receptionist advised the nurses was busy in clinic i have expressed my worrys and family members are telling me not to worry .. Im usually not a worrier but its consuming my life as i lost my children's father in January and cant help think the worse for my kids i jut find it so hard how much a nurse can just leave me with no information at all other than wait for results .. Ive rang my gp this morning and waiting for the nurse there to call me so hopefully she will help me just wondering if anybody has had same experience in a coloscopy xxx

Any luck getting info from your GP's nurse? xx