25 Hpv possitive and abnormal cells

Hi everyone, i just turned 25, had my first smear and i now need to go for a colposcopy. I already have vulvodynia that is managed so I am a bit sensitive down there so im scared about the pain. Cancer runs in my family so in terrified for the result once i get it. Can someone please put my mind at rest. I have no symptoms of anything so I’m assuming thats a good sign but i am still waiting for a letter for my colposcopy and I am just so anxious!

Hi, I was in ur situation last year. I had HPV with abnormal cells. I was in a very bad place with the news also. I’ve just had my latest smear and al results are clear. HPV can go, just lead a healthy lifestyle and take vitamins x

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Thank you your message has made me feel so much better :blush:x

Morning !
I had my first smear at 25 and it came back with needing a col as well. I had no symptoms. I was bricking it to say the least ! My biposy showed CIN3 with high risk hpv and was given a LLTZ . After that i had smears for 6 months which was lowered to a year and then 3 years . Since then nothing has been present on my smears and im 34 now. Its very daunting especially as its your first one . When they sent through the letter with the biopsy results i went into melt down because it said pre cancerous . But honestly what ever is going on they have picked it up straight away and are getting you in to be seen . I wont say try not to worrying because lets face it you will worry either way. The procedure i had was a little uncomfortable but pain free . The ladies who worked on me were amazing and so comforting and helpful too. Just remember to be kind to yourself right now. Take time to process it all and try and take a support person with you . Good luck x


Thank you so much for replying to my message. Im so glad to hear everything went well for you. I definitely feel a lot less worried now so thank you. Ive got my appointment in 3 weeks so im glad i can get it over with! :blush: