24 years old

Hi guys,


Sorry first time posting so not sure where to put this! I'm 24, had lletz approx 2 weeks ago for cin3. Gyno called yesterday and said in the tissue they found cancer and ill be needing another lletz to get a deeper and wider section. She also said if I had already had children she would recommend hysterectomy. Shes spoken to oncologists in the capital city and they have agreed with the plan. Are there any younger women on here that have been in the same situation? Also how likely is it i could keep my ovaries if i were to get a hysterectomy.. its obviously quite a progressive strain of hpv to work this fast. Going gyno in 12 days to find out more. 

I had a hysterectomy and kept my ovaries, but they are purely for hormone purposes to stop me going through the mono pause. I was 26 when i was diagnosed. :) 

I had a trachelectomy, you could ask if that would be an option?