Treatment Options

Hi all.


I've just been diagnosed with very early cervical cancer following an abnormal smear, colposcopy, biopsy and LLETZ. I'm meeting my specialist on Tuesday but I know from my GP, who is a friend of mine, that I'm going to be offered either the option of a second LLETZ to see if they can get it all that way or a simple keyhole hysterectomy. I'm 39 and single with no children. I'd just like to hear from anyone here around my own age who has had a hysterectomy and could maybe share their experiences.

Hi. 39 and had a radical last year. All good now. Pm me if you like! It was fine actually, back in the gym, albeit gently, after 6 weeks. Xxx

Thank you - will PM you after I meet my specialist next week and know a little more about what's on offer. :) Glad to hear it all went well for you.