23, awaiting results and scared/confused.

Hi guys, I'm new to this forum although I have read about Jo's Trust before and always thought it was fantastic that women facing cervical cancer are able to get the support they need.

I'm 23 years old, engaged and two days ago I had my second colposcopy.

I had my first colposcopy in 2009 after I was diagnosed with a cervical erosion (which was treated at the time, biopsy taken that came back normal)

I recently had an episode of bleeding after intercourse, so I went to see my GP who confirmed there was another erosion. Following a referral to the Outpatients department at my local hospital, I was finally referred to the Women's Unit.

The doctor was very nice and asked if I had experienced any more post-coital bleeding, to which I replied I hadn't. She said that she would take a look but a biopsy probably wouldn't be necessary, and that it was my choice to decide if I wanted to have treatment for the erosion or leave it to heal on its own.

On taking a look and swabbing my cervix, she was concerned that it bled when touched and there was an area she said she wasn't happy with. She took a biopsy, said that hopefully the abnormalities were due to an infection and that I would get the results in 2-3 weeks by letter.

I am now worried!

On one hand, as I have been taking the Pill for a number of years and have previously had these problems, I am hoping it is just another nasty erosion. 

On the other hand, I am extremely confused as to what 'catergory' I fall into and exactly what she was talking about during the appointment (you know what it is like when you are being faced with a lot of medical terms and are in shock, you just can't process it all!)

With regards to infection, is this likely to be HPV? As I had the vaccine at the age of 18/19 (I was already sexually active by then but was told it was still necessary.)

The doctor in outpatients said that the swabs my GP took came back clear, and yet the doctor at the Women's Unit said there was a slight presence of something (I can't quite remember what but it was two words beginning with b and c.)

The doctor asked me to wait until the colposcopy bleeding had stopped and to have sexual intercourse to see if I bled afterwards.

I am just quite frightened as I was fully expecting it to just be another erosion that would be treated there and then, however she seemed concerned and saw the need to take another biopsy.

If my results are clear and it is just another erosion - is it advisable to leave it to heal on its own? I have read that constant treatment to the cervix can weaken it and increase the risk of miscarriage in the future.

Also, I only had the biopsies taken two days ago but my cervix still feels quite sore (funny how I'm now more aware of it!) I know the bleeding/discharge is to be expected for up to a week but is the pain normal or should I be worrying about an infection?

Apologies for the tirade of questions but I would be very interested to hear about the experiences of others/advice/information so I don't feel so alone and afraid.

Thank you (:

Sarah X


Hi Sarah,

Like you I was on the pill for a considerable amount of time (due to Heavy Periods), I am also only 22 so I can understand completely what you are going through. I had the HPV vaccine done when I was around 18 also, and my consultant at the hospital informed me that they are trying to play catch-up with the girls who were older - he also said that by this time most girls are sexually active and that I'd already been exposed to the virus (there are over 100 types of HPV btw).

I had cramping for around a day after my biopsies were done - I had the same symptoms as you and i had what they call contact bleeding also - as soon as they swabbed my cervix i bled - this is always the way when i go for a smear test so i'm quite used to it now.

If you are at all worried then please call your GP as they are best equipped and would know whether they need to see you or not, but in relation to making up your own mind about letting it heal on it's own - i doubt that will happen as my GP told me when i had CIN3 cells that they might leave them alone because of my age but the hospital had me in within 2 weeks to have them removed. As far as I'm aware, any treatment on the cervix can weaken it - they also told me this when i went to have my LLETZ done - i think it's just to forwarn you that you could miscarry a baby, but if you find out you are pregant go to your doctor straightaway and they will put a stitch in to help hold the baby in place.

If you need someone to talk to, you can PM me (:

Vicki x