21 months post rad hyst - CT Scan

Hello ladies,

I hope you're all doing well! It's been quite some time since I last posted. I've had a new job and been busy just trying to move forwards.

I've been feeling ok until last week when everything just started hurting. Bowel, bladder, even up to my chest bone seemed bloated and swollen. Luckily it concided with my check up so the consultant did a thorough examination and couldn't feel/see anything but I had a lot of pain-on-prodding on the left side of my incision. She was sure it's nothing, but has referred me for a CT scan which is tomorrow morning.

Needless to say I am going OUT OF MY MIND with worry! Of course in my head I am fearing the worst and it's back and all over the place.


Keeping everything crossed that it's adhesions or my new exercise regime pulling on something, but I cann't be so blasé about it now.

Gonna be a long week.....

Much love to you all,

Jo xxx




Oh I can imagine how you're feeling as I'm stressing out over just my first follow up meeting post RH which is on Monday. 

I'm sure I've read on here of lots of ladies having all sorts of funny pains etc for a long time after treatment, our bodies have gone through ever such a lot after all. I'm sure it will turn out to be nothing to worry about.

a big day tomorrow for lots of Jo's girls. Will be thinking about you all.

 Molly xxx

Hi Jo…
Hope you’re doing ok considering… I’ve had quite a few freak outs… Cysts on ovaries and back ache and bleeding. The worst was a lump in my neck… I was convinced!!!
But apparently I’m doing ok! All scans so far have been clear and I’m certain my mind plays tricks on me… But it never really goes away does it?
My current one is being discussed at the MDT meeting on Monday… I thought I was done with that but my consultant found what he thinks are fibroids in my womb… Fingers crossed they are.

Good luck with your CT scan tomorrow… I’m sure you will be fine!! … Just wanted to share so you knew you weren’t alone!
Seems along time since we had to post on here doesn’t it!

Take care :slight_smile:
Em xxx

Hi Jo

Sending you lots of love and luck for your scan tomorrow, will keep everything crossed for you.  I had a MRI a couple of weeks ago and see my consultant tomorrow to get the results and to have my 4 monthly check up.

I still get the odd sharp pain now and again but I was told it would take 2 years to heal internally and I put it down to that.  Hopefully yours is something similar that has been kicked off by your new exercise regime.

Hope you get your results super quick to save you worrying too much.  Keep us posted.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Jo,

The new exercise regime certainly sounds like the most likely culprit. I know exactly how you feel with the worry of a recurrence. Our minds do play terrible tricks on us, not only imagining that aches and pains must definitely be a return but I think that sometimes even the aches and pains themselves might be imaginary. To put it in a little perspective, even my husband thought he'd got a touch of cancer after my treatment :-)

Good luck with your scan, let us know how you get on. Hopefully you'll be skipping out of there with nothing at all to worry about. Big hugs for the waiting-for-results episode.

Be lucky


Hi all,

Thanks for your replies. Having read the majority of threads on Jo's over the last 2 years I know hiccups can happen and most of us have a scare or 7 along the way!

The scan is done now, and my consultant said she'd call me to go over results but I have no idea when that will be. Gonna get on to my CNS to be sure.

Typically all the pain I was having last week has now gone and I feel fine. I kept my ovaries so still have the hormonal fluctuations which I think is causing the havoc every now and again. Whether or not that is something more sinister I will have to wait to find out.

So far not feeling too scared, but will be watching my phone like a hawk. Kind of don't want to know if it's anything bad before Xmas to be honest!

Take care,

Jo xxx


Hi again,

It's weird isn't it how the spurious aches and pains tend to disappear after the scan but before you get the results.

Go well


Hope you feeling ok & get ur results soon, & all is ok! I so know what you mean about the pains & aches disappearing when a scan is due or after!! I get so scared from time to time, thinking I surely got off too lightly, there is more= unreasonable I knowXX Take care

Thanks, I phoned my CNS today and she was all like 'calm down love' it's only been a couple of days.

Really hope I get results this week. I realise I am flipping between worrying about a terrible outcome and just ignoring it and being a bit manic with being 'fine'.

Patience is not a virtue I normally have, expecially when I need to know something!

Off to the cinema tonight to distract myself.

Take care xx



Tell us about the film! Tell us about the film! We have only an open-air cinema here which doubles as a chicken-run. Closed all winter and Mamma Mia all summer!

Be lucky


Good luck Jo

I had a CT scan about 3 months ago and showed that there was nothing to worry about which is good to hear. :-) i'm sure yours will be fine also, its just any twinges in that area send us running back to our support team!

Thanks Pat!

It really is lovely being able to drop in here and go 'argh this is happening and I'm terrified' and have you all understand.

I'd be suprised if I don't have at least some adhesions given the open surgery, so it will be interesting to find out how it's all settled down.

As Naomi says, Trust and Hope is all you can have really.

@Tivoli - I saw the latest Hobbit movie. It was long, 2.5 hours and with lots of the usual battle scenes that went on and on. Midly entertaining, but not the most amazing film I've ever seen. I did go to an independent cinema though so I could take a beer in with me!



I support CHERYL's comment about this and i wanna pass my special thanks to her

Ah the Hobbit was it my preciousssss |-)

Just LOVE that Gollum - devinely slimey!

Still no news! Urgh waiting is just the pits.


I had a call from the hospital this morning and my scan didn't show any signs of disease. Phew!

It did show a lot of scar tissue and functional cysts on my ovaries, which explains the pain flare ups when I ovulate.

Thanks for all your support ladies, I really was going crazy wth worry.

Have a great Christmas and all the best for a healthy New Year!



Jo xxx

YAY!!! What a great christmas pressy X

All the best for the new year

Becky x

Hi Jo

Brilliant news!  I'm so so pleased for you.  Now you can enjoy Christmas and let's hope we all have a great 2015.