Positive update!

Hi all,

Glad to read about so many of you continuing to do well after treatment and for those of you suffering, hang in threre. In April, I suffered with a bout of food poisoning which my post radiated body didn't react very kindly to. I suffered with really bad stomach pains for three months until I decided to fast for 24 hours and then follow an IBS diet. Due to the pain etc., I was worried about what my scan results (pet/ct and MRI) would show. Thankfully I just got the results from my 9 month scans and everything is clear. The only thing showing up on the scan was bowel inflammation which did not surprise me. The inflammation has calmed down a lot but my oncologist said if I'm still having problems at my 1 year check she will refer me to a gastroenterologist. Really relieved right now, waiting for scan results always provokes some anxiety.

X Maria

that is brilliant news Maria, thank you for sharing and I hope the inflammation continues to improve. Got my first check up next month and already starting to dwell on it so every good news story shared is a big boost for morale :-)

Congrats xXx

Great news to hear Maria, I'm so happy for you!

yeah Maria!!! So happy for you! Marissa are you up for another check up soon too?

Izzy, I had my mri scan in June , it was clear just some inflammation to my bladder from radiation. I had my 1 year since treatment pelvic exam two weeks ago , all looks well. 

That is wonderful news!!! Either I missed that news, or I forgot I read it ( horrible memory problems.here, probably chemo related)

Great to hear Maria! So happy for you! Xxxx

Great news. I am very happy for you. 

Long may it continue.