2 week pathway

I am due to have my lletz treatment tomorrow, I had CIN 1 & potential CIN 2 suspected from coloscopy although I haven’t actually received any results from that. I have also been told I am on the 2 week pathway and my lletz treatment actually got brought forward. Has anyone had similiar experience by being put on the list?
I am of course thinking the worse and dreading what they will say tomorrow before the surgery - I am also going under general anaesthetic instead of locks which was discussed at my coloscopy but has signed changed.
Thanks x

My first lletz was on the two week pathway, actually got a phone call to book colposcopy before receiving my results (fine) which was scary.

But, the colposcopy and biopsy showed cin 3 then.

The waiting is horrible but you’re going to be okay xx

Thank you I really appreciate writing back to me.
I hope you’re okay now?
It is the waiting and the unknown isn’t it xx

Waiting sucks.

The staff are truly great and understand that we are all anxious.

Unfortunately, nearly three years on my most recent biopsy showed stage 1 cc. Had an app with my gynae oncologist today and have opted to have a hysterectomy. I am both unlucky (as most people dont develop cc) and lucky (that it has been caught so early).

I chose to have no more lletz as I have already had two.

But as I said, I am in the minority and you are likely not going to experience what I am, especially as showing cin2 not cin3 xx

That must of been scary to hear that. I’m sorry, but yes absolutely thank goodness it’s caught early on and dealt with quickly! I hope it goes well for you :heart:
I’m an anxious person anyway, and my mind goes into overdrive at times. I’m trying to keep busy as I don’t wanna constantly be thinking/ worrying. I think when I get results & have the surgery tomorrow. But you are right early treatment is best xx