Unexpected appointment

Hi all,

I’m probably going to ramble a bit but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and want to it get it out.

I had a smear test in August and was called in for a Colposcopy in September. I had CIN3 cells and had the LLETZ done at the end of September.

Last Friday I was called back into the hospital (2 weeks after LLETZ) to be advised that when they did the biopsy on the bit removed, they found early stage cancer. Although they believe that all the cancer was removed by the LLETZ. But there wasn’t a clear margin of the CIN3 cells and I would need another LLETZ.

I was sent for an MRI and CT scan on Monday and have my pre-assessment tomorrow ready for my second LLETZ next Tuesday which will be under general aesthetic this time.

Everything has happened very quickly and has taken some time to come to terms with. Then this morning I received an email about a telephone appointment with the Gynae Oncology surgery team tomorrow as well. This has totally freaked me out! As usual, I’ve just been booked in with no explanation. I’ve no idea if this is routine based on the LLETZ procedure next week or whether something has come back on my MRI or CT that they need to discuss. Although, my hope is if it were serious it wouldn’t be a phone call?!

Have anyone else had anything like this?

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I had exactly the same thing a couple of years ago so I understand the shock and the worry. It’s the uncertainty which is so unsettling. I had early stage cancer found by a lletz then had to have a repeat lletz under general anesthetic. That completed my treatment. Now I have regular checks which have all come back clear, and HPV negative. I have another check next week and if this one is clear then I will move on to yearly checks. I’m glad of the careful monitoring and grateful for the screening service and effective treatments. You’ll feel better once you have all the test results. Xx


I have had a similar situation, with booking my appointment through phone, I’m waiting for hospital to book me in for 7 weeks now when they said they cannot remove anything it has to be under the general aesthetic. I’m worried a lot now . Stress about the whole situation. How do
You cope after the procedure… is it painful?? Probably it depends on the circumstances. I just hope I have no cancer , I have a lletz and biopsy and it come cin 3 with margins … I wish you all the best .

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