2 months of bleeding after lletz

Hi, I am wondering if somebody else has had the same problem and would welcome any advice on what to do.

I had a LLETZ done on 8th July this year and have been bleeding since, I went into A&E twice with heavy bleeding and cloting, the first time I went I was admitted into hospital as lost too much blood and the bleeding was not stopping. I have also visited the outpatient clinic three times with heavy bleeding, every time a Dr sees me he/she cauterises the area to control the bleeding and sends me home with antibiotics for 5 days. I have taken 8 boxes of antibiotics since 8th July and nothing is helping, I keep bleeding every day, most days I use 5 to 6 pads but the days in which I went to see the Dr I was changing pads every 10-15 minutes. I don't know what to do, I feel the Drs are missing something as i can't believe the infection is so strong that 8 boxes of antibiotics cannot control it. I am getting married next weekend and I worry the heavy bleeding could start again, i am also tired of using pads. All this bleeding has made me very aneamic so I get tired easily and shortbreathed (taking iron for this). 

Could the Drs be missing something? should I ask them to do other tests?

thank you 

Hi, so sorry you are still going through a tough time 2 months after Lletz. Have you had a period in this time at all? I'm intrigued as I'm 3 weeks today post Lletz under GA for high grade CGIN but 9 days post procedure I had heavy bleeding and was sent to gyny a&e where they cauterised it. I have bled every day ever since this some days it's heavier than others but always fresh red blood. Today it seems heavier and bright red and I am getting period type cramps and back pain. I was told that I would need 4 weeks healing after the cauterisation but annoyingly the week I am due to 'be healed' shall we say I am going to have to have a period as I have already carried two packs on together as advised by the consultant. 


I really hope this stops for you especially for your wedding I really feel for you and i am also sick of wearing pads 




I bled for 15 weeks post cone biopsy and it was a real pain in the arse but did stop eventually! 

Tranexamic Acid from the doctor might help you.  I also had 2 ultrasound scans to rule out anything suspect going on down there.  It was all fine and normal.

Really hope you feel better soon.