2 LLETZ now Preg


It has been quite a year for me already and i just found out im around 5 weeks preg (obviously happy about it).

I had a lletz in Jan where they found stage 1a1 cancer which was removed within that lletz, i had a 2nd lletz in March to remove the remaining CIN 1 and the consultant was confident that all the cells had been removed. He did advise to have a clear smear before getting pregnant but i just found out last week that i am and now i am worried. I am due to have a smear in July. Has anyone been through something similar? Should i ring the consultant to see if they can bring it forward? I am due to see the mid-wife in June just feels ages away yet and the consultant did say i would need a stitch if i were to get pregnant, so many thoughts going around in my head!



aw trudy just seen this post how lovely congratulations, im so pleased for you. I take it you had a good holiday ;-) i can completley understand your concers, why dont you book in with GP and ask for some advice? xxx keep me informed xx