Fertility fears re:- LLETZ procedure

Just hoping for some reassurance from any ladies who've possibly been through a similar experience.


Last year I had my first smear at age 25 and it came back abnormal and positive for HPV. I had colposcopy and biopsy which came back as CIN1. No treatment was done as they hoped it would go away on it's own.


Returned to colp this year after several visits to GP as I've been regularly bleeding after intercourse with my boyfriend. Colposcopy and biopsy done again on 5th August - now confirmed as having progressed to CIN2 and I am booked in to have LLETZ on 12th September. I'm terrified about the risk to my fertility as I don't have any children yet but would desperately want a baby in the future.


I know that it's important to have the treatment to prevent the cells causing cancer, but when I read about some of the risks I just feel helpless.


I have a very religious family and my mum has made me feel like I've brought this on myself by contracting HPV. Just need someone to reassure me that this isn't my fault :(

Hi Laura

I had abnormal CIN3 cells removed 9 years ago,  although it was by laser treatment and not LLETZ.  6 months later I fell pregnant so I wouldn't worry to much about it! Did the doctor say anything about fertility to you? I know when you have had treatment they keep a closer eye on you when you do get pregnant due to possible weakness of the cervix etc.

Unfortunately the cells returned and I had the LLETZ procedure done last Thursday again for CIN3. I'm hoping that will be it now! 

With regards to bringing it on yourself, you haven't! in all the literature there is out there more or less everybody has them or had had them at some point it just depends on how your body deals with them!


Ah thank you for the reassurance Bex. It's typical that I have to have treatment 2 weeks before my holiday as well :( I believe this means no swimming for me?xx

Have you told them you are going on holiday? I was due to have my treatment before I went on holiday and they changed it for me and told me that a couple of weeks wouldn't make any difference! I was then told to have a good holiday! my leaflet says no swimming for 4 weeks after due to infection and obviously you can't use tampons if you're bleeding either..might be worth a phone call to the clinic? xx

Hi Laura, hope you're doing okay at this worrying time!

i had LLETZ treatment for CIN3 10days ago - the consultant told me it won't affect my future fertility (have one baby but hoping for more in the future!) he didn't say anything about my cervix for my next pregnancy but i have read they will keep a closer eye on you due to the LLETZ treatment, I can't see it posing much of a problem to be honest, and if it does they can certainly do something about it.

regarding the HPV, it's certainly by no means your fault - up to 80% of the sexually active population contract it at some point in their lives, just some peoples immune system cant rid of it within the 2 year period it usually takes. You can have sex with just one person and contract it, so do not feel ashamed. Xx

Thank you so much nattyb - that's made me feel a lot better!

And Bex, my appointment was originally booked for 2 days before we fly so I decided to have it brought forward. I just don't think I'd enjoy my holiday knowing what was waiting for me when I got home :( if I can't go swimming it won't be the end of the world - at least I'll be able to get away and relax :) xx

You can't swim hun - they told me 4 weeks but I've also read 2 weeks?! I'd leave it until at least the discharge and bleeding stops - and you can't use tampons for 6 weeks anyway :-( gutted because swimming is my release but needs must I suppose xxx

Yes I read 2 weeks online earlier but I will just go with whatever the doctor's recommendation is. Health comes first, even though I might feel disappointed watching my boyfriend from the beach! Xx

Haha bless you!! You can always dip your toes in :'(

Well I'm still bleeding 10 days on so god knows when I'll be back to swimming! Xx

Oh I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time of it. I hope it gets better for you soon and your results come back quickly! I'm just looking forward to getting the procedure done, hopefully getting it all removed first time, and then putting this horrible worrying experience behind me :) xx

Thanks hun you too, just hoping its all been removed first time too and getting back to normal xx