Second LLETZ - feeling blue (children mentioned)


Some of my history can be seen in my signature below! My first follow up after LLETZ for cin3 came back as mild, the second borderline. I had my colp and the doctor was postive it was mild only and no treatment would be needed. Unfortuntely yesterday (at work!) I received the results that it was actually CIN2 and I will need another LLETZ


This has really thrown me to be honest. I have tried to be so positive up until now but its starting to over whelm me. I'm worred about the future and that it will just keep coming back. I also really want a baby but getting panicky that this may not be possible. I feel really quite down, my bf is so supportive but its so hard when no one else can quite understand Frown

Has anyone else had two LLETZ or know more about the future effects on pregnancy?


Love to all


Cat xxxxx 


Its a bit different but I have had a LLETZ and a cone done this year and all consultants/doctors seen at various points through it all have all said that it should have no impact on my fertility at all. The only thing is that they'll need to keep an eye on me throughout any pregnancies as my cervix will be weaker (over half of it has been removed now) so they may have to put a stitch in at some point x

Hi :) 

Sorry to hear your having to go through it all again. 

I have no personal experience sorry but a good friend of mine had had 2 Lletz sessions in the last 18 months & is now TTC. 

She hasn't mentioned any effect on fertility just that they will keep an eye out for her cervix not being capable of carryin although her doctors said he isn't concerned and she should be perfectly fine.

Hope that gives you abit of reassurance.


Hi Cat,

Just want to say I know how it feels, I've had two lletz and my next smear is in December. I'm terrified that it might be abnormal again because even though my last smear was normal I still had hpv. I haven't heard of anyone having more than 3 lletz. Sorry I'm not much help really but just know you're not the only one, it's tough enough going through it once but having to have it done again knocks you a bit i think but you'll get through it.

Thanks so much for the replies ladies I really appreciate them

Just knowing there are other people going thro similar things helps
I think my main worry is if it's come back once what's to stop it coming back again! Do I have the treatment and start thinking about children now? It wasn't completely in our plans for a couple of years but... 
Rubbish, my head is spinning, may be time for a glass of wine
Love and hugs to all 

Hi Cat. I'm sorry to hear that you have to go through another lletz.  I have been following your story and I really feel for you.

I had my six mmonth smear after having a lletz for cin 2. It was normal but I am still hpv positive. So am back again in six months. At first I just felt relieved for no changes, but I've started to really worry that at my next smear, I will have changes. I also really want to start a family and to be honest, if my next smear shows changes, I am just going to go for it and start trying for a baby. 

I am trying to remain positive (although not hpv positive! ) and just hope that this horrible virus buggers off. 

Have you been able to discuss your concerns with your doctor? I have heard that having more than one lletz doesn't affect your fertility, they just will keep a closer eye on how your cervix is coping. 

I think all we can do is not let this get us down, and take a day at a time.And take comfort from the fact we are being looked after, I suppose! 


Hi Charlotte, thanks for your reply! 

Feeling a bit better now it has all sunk in. Am going to write down my questions before I see the consultant as I seem to go a bit blank when I am actually in front of him! 

Agreed about the hpv, I really wish to would go away (I could use stronger language!). I have been with my partner for 9 years so find is so confusing why its decided to rear its ugly head now, especially with two CIN issues within the space of a year!

My appointment is next Wednesday, going to keep busy until then. I actually find that knowing about the procedure makes me dread it more


Hi Ladies

I have been worrying about my chances of having a baby too.  I had my second LLETZ yesterday under GA.  Still feeling rough and drowsy.

Awaiting the results.

Feeling a bit down.


*Children mentioned*

I am so sorry you are going through all this at the moment, it is a time of great uncertainty. I had a lletz in June 2011 and am now 34 weeks pregnant on my second child. I had my first baby in 2010. I know that I have had just the one lletz so our situations are not identical. However, I would just like to tell you that the fact that I hava have had a lletz has made no difference to my treatment. If anything, there really hasn't been any concern raised over it, I have not had my cerix measured or anything. It doesn't seem to be a big deal to my care providers at all. I have also not experienced any problems due to the lletz treatment. I hope my experience might reassure you in some way. I really wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.


Hi both

Thanks for your replies Smile.  You're my star - how are you feeling? Better I hope x 

In case anyone is following my story and is looking for any info....

I had the second LLETZ last Wednesday - the consultant said the area was really small which is good as he didnt have to remove too much.

For anyone who has had 2 treatments, he said we just need to make sure that if we were to get pregnant, someone keeps on eye on us right from the beginning to make sure our cervixes are ok(!). He also said it would be possible to have another treatment after this one but the risks assoociated with preterm births etc would be higher and a stitch may be needed. 

Now just the wait for results 

love to all