2 lesion found


Morning ladies 


I had my colposcopy yesterday and the was told and shown that there were 2 lesions found (1 large on top 1 smaller on the bottom) she could tell were both high grade but she didn’t not want to say what CIN she though it was until the biopsy come back, she took 4. she did say that I will need treatment but again she didn’t say what as she want to wait until the results come back but she did say she think I may need to be done in theatre so now I have to wait 2-4 weeks to see what will happen next.


I am doing my best to stay strong as I have 2 boys that don’t understand why mummy is upset and my partner has only just lost his mum around 6 weeks ago to the C word but I am find it hard my gut is saying it not going to be ok I feel down and doing my best not to cry at work as I feel like I am doing it alone for I know if I have to go into hospital and stay in I be all on my own as OH will need to be with the boys I am more scared now then I was yesterday.


my question is has anyone that has had the treatment were you stay in how long was it before you could return to work as I can’t afford to be off to long.




thank you if you taken the time to read this x


I have no advice really but didn't want to read and run...I am sorry that you're feeling low, it's perfectly normal under your recent circumstances but please don't let your mind wander too far until you hear back. Most of colcoscopies/biopsies come back fine, if you needed the lletz treatment you will be able to go back to work the following day unless you have it done under GA but even then I can't see it taking you more than a few days before you are back to work. Did your letter mention what CIN they found on your smear? have you have any symptoms in the past like bleeding between periods or after sex? If you are too worried you can try and ringing the hospital and see if you can speak to the consultant because you are anxious and you have more questions? most of them are available and can help you understand things xx

CIN was not mention in my letter just said serere changes but i felt like she belived it was CIN 2 or 3 that why she was saying i will be having treatment. i hope it my head playing treck on me but the more i go over what happend yesterday the more i feel like she thinks it was bad but just didnt want to say untill she see's the results. x

Oh Michelle I have just read this post of yours.  I know everyone keeps saying don't worry but it is hard not to isn't it.  

Maybe you will go to theatre to have cone biospy, thats why they have mentioned theatre - just a thought.

I reall hope you get results very soon and get things sorted.

Its hard to stay strong when we have little ones about as they just dont understand.  My biggest fear in life is leaving my daughter alone without me.  She has already lost her Daddy to a brain tumour when she was 8 months old so the thought of her losing me is such a worry.

I can't do a lot to help or advise at the moment but I can be here for you for support and someone to talk to.

Jane x

Thanks Jane 

i know what you mean about your fear i think the thing that makes it wrost for me is both my boys have ASD so really dont understand. I am so sorry to hear about your little ladies daddy I hope you have other people to surpport you and and if not i will do my best to help I dont think people understand how worrying it is untill then been tho it them self.

Michelle x