Treatment for CIN 3 today



I had a colposcopy 3.5 weeks ago because I reported pain in my inside and was worried about some spoting after sex 3 months ago which has since stopped.


the colposcopy showed a white area on my cervix which the dr biopsied and the results were CIN 3.


i had treatment today, a electrical scooping out not sure which it was.

 I also have a health anxiety so my mind is doing summersaults over all this. I'm really scared they might have missed cancer. I've got an appointment booked for 6 months but in the meantime I need to cope with the not knowing if it worked. I have a young 2 yr old and need to keep it together.





Hiya I think after any treatment you still get a letter with the results ie if they got it all etc. When I had my lletz yesterday he said he was sure he'd got it all and I'd need a smear in 6 months but in around 3 weeks I will get a letter with the results of the treatment? Hope you're ok xx

hi hun i have not had my treatment yet- i  was booked for new year but results of my colpscopy she asked me to come in earlier but i chose to wait until new year  as i didnt want to feel down over xmas... i am the same as you  tbf if its a cold or sickness bug or something a like i can just get on with it... but this to me feels so much more serious.... but if you have had your treatment i would try and forget about your appointment in 6months time.. just forget about it and try enjoy this festive period ... if anything big is going on your gyne will contact you either via phone or letter hunny.. :).....  if you need to talk feel free to message me i am always around hunny and i know what you are going through xxx

i dont mean forget about your appointment in 6months time i mean forget about it all for now and just try and enjoy christmas hunny xx

Thank you such a shock after having 8 years of cleas smears and a clear colposcopy 18 months ago (with vinegar test not biopsy). I am a serial panicker so this has been hard but if anything I am going to think thankful that it's been found now. he removed two areas that were white under iodine. We were hoping to try for number two next year but may leave that until my 6 month follow up in June x I know there's a slight increase in risk

of miscarriage with this but I've heard lots

of people go on to have pregnancies still x merry Xmas everyone and thank you for you kind support it's so good to talk x

I'm still bleeding after 11 days post LLETZ . Called the gynae unit yesterday and they said visit dr if still bad but it seems to be subsiding a bit. Weirdly it seems to start up again after exercise or bowel movement. 


My my colp clinic confirmed I would get result from this which is good.


I'm now letting my health anxiety overcome me and have fears that something is wrong further up inside. I had an ultrasound 5 oct of bladder and gyno area so really I shouldnt think this stuff but I still do :(