Your experience going in for symptoms

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and this is my first post, I hope I'm in the right place. I'm wondering what YOUR experience was after you went to see your doctor due to persistent symptoms, which led to your diagnosis. And maybe if your story sounds like mine. 

As a history for context and as to why I'm a little "worried": In 2009 while pregnant with my first child I had an abnormal smear. I was told I had HPV and received a colposcopy. The result was pre-cancerous cells, "Stage 0", but due to pregnancy treatment (freezing) would wait until delivery. After my 1st was born I nearly immediately fell pregnant a second time and received another abnormal smear during my initial pregnancy visit. I did not have a colposcopy but scheduled one for after delivery. That colposcopy in early 2011 showed the precancerous cells had dissapeared. I had yearly smears for 5 years, subsequent smears and 2 children later I have only had normal results. I now have them every 3 years and my last one was 2.5 years ago. 

Approximately 1.5 years ago I began to have a pain in my right lower pelvic region. My doctor determined it could be IBS or ovarian cysts and gave me an IUD to help in some way. My periods became light and to only around 4ish days but the pain (nearly constant, cannot press on it, and sometimes sharp like a knife stab) persisted. Then about 8 months ago abnormal bleeding between periods.  When the abnormal bleeding began it was 2 week periods, 1 week off, 3 weeks bleeding, 2 weeks off, and so on - very difficult to see any sort of pattern, just constant abnormal frustrating bleeding. After several months the bleeding itself became irregular; It would be light spotting then clots then brown and sticky then clear with pink streaks then period-like. I honestly can't pinpoint a pattern - everyday is just exciting to see oh what will we have next. Ugh. And bleeding is typically heavier after sex. I now also have a numbness in my right upper inner thigh where it meets my butt. It's a strange sensation and I have no idea if it is related to be honest but thought I'd mention in. I know leg pain has been a problem for many of you but this isn't pain, it's numbness. 

Anyway, I have an appointment with my doctor and curious about your own experience with yours after your symptoms presented. I live in a small town with not many options for health care so a "second opinion" would be with just another buddy doctor in the same office, not much difference really. So, I'd like to be my own advocate and request what maybe I need to request and not accept "sounds normal", "you have IBS", "lets switch birth control" or get antibiotcs without even being touched that I'm sure I'll hear otherwise. I'm sure it could potentially be my IUD but I want to be cerain. An ultrasound? A smear? Another colposcopy? 

I am 33 with 4 children. 

Thanks all, so much!




You honestly just need to push gps sometimes. I’d just explain that you are worried about your symptoms being related to something more sinister and push for an exam.

I only had irregular bleeding for maybe 6 months before I was diagnosed but my periods had been irregular for years. I just kept getting fobbed of with it being PCOS or it being related to the pill. I tried telling them how heavy some of my bleeding was and one of the doctors actually turned around and said no I’ve had women that bleed heavier than that I was like umm hello it’s not you that’s bleeding. Anyway it wasn’t until I have a massive (and I mean like flooding) bleed for 2 days straight and ended up in a&e that I was finally examined. It all happened pretty quickly from there. 

I would definitely push for an internal exam at least. And another smear to put your mind at rest. 

I hope it ends up being related to your IUD though  

Alice xx