Symptoms but nothing abnormal found?! Confused.

hi all, new to forum.

have been back and forth to gp with strange symptoms. Small streaks of blood in discharge every now and then. I have had back pain for a few weeks now with shooting pains down my leg and knee. They wouldn't repeat smear as I had normal result in 2012. I eventually got referral to Gyne at the hospital who did internal examination and said that all looked ok. However still having symptoms. Also sent for pelvic and transvaginal scan. Results came back and nothing abnormal was found. I am still getting pains in back and legs, haven't had bleeding for a few weeks but still very anxious about cervical cancer. Would this have been picked up on normal examination or ultrasound? Would the Gyne hpapas potted if somethinjousts wrong just by looking. 





I can understand your worry & just wanting answers but I think after having some checks already it's pretty unlikely to be CC. 

I know how frustrating it can be having problems but not getting any answers. 

I also used to get blood spotting in discharge especially after exercising & sex. I could go months with no real period but then bleed heavily for weeks on end. I also used to get a lot of pain in my pelvic area that would come & go.

All tests came back normal although I never had a smear (despite having 3 children I was appareny too young!) 

My advice would be to keep pushing. You know your own body & if something isn't right your the best person to know about it.

if you feel you arnt being taken seriously I'd keep a log if everything & anything that isn't normal such as any spotting or aching & take it back to them. 



Thanks Johanna, I know it's really frustrating. I've even considered a private smear as I don't think the gp will do one. I feel it's the only way I will get any answers. Going to go back to docs and ask for referral to colposcopy If that's possible. Thanks for your advice. 

Hi Amanda, I'm new to the site and have exactly the same things going on! I had severe changes (cin 3) and a lletz procedure last year. Then a repeat smear and thankfully all the cells had been removed, and smear normal! I have recently been having the symptoms again, bleeding I between periods, pain, and terrible pain during and after sex. My GP won't re-smear me as I had one last year, so have been referred to gynae for more tests. I know something isn't right! But like you am so confused! Can bad cells really come back in a year???? I hope you get sorted soon. Stick to your guns matey :) as Johanna said, YOU know your body! Dani x