Would they have mentioned HPV on the notes to my GP?

Hi ladies,


I saw the notes that were sent to my GP by the consultant, there is no mention of HPV at all. My consultant has not once in all of my appointments mentioned HPV or me being positive or negative for it. Could this mean I am not HPV positive? 

When I called the ward the nurse told me 'Well yes you will definitely be HPV positive' I don't think that's correct though? I know it's rare but you can have abnormal cells without HPV can't you?



Hi Reginald,

I've been wodering about this too. My GP said there's never been any mention of HPV on my smears (all normal until this last one) but I wasn't sure they routinely test for hpv and when you dig a bit online sounds like they do if changes are borderline and that they will test for hpv in the future....but they don't routinely yet.  I'm thinking the GP telling me I don't have HPV is not to be trusted. Yet the GP nurse said they do get smear results back with hpv results on them and mine hadn't.  

It sounds like you have or have had hpv to have cell changes?....or do you?! Mine were CGIN, no symptoms, total bad surprise, so not borderline. My results after colposcopy said the swab taken at the time of colposcopy showed no infection. When I asked the women's unit nurse what had they tested for and was that for hpv? she seemed to think not. Said that that would be tested at the six month test of cure....

It will be interesting if anyone knows anything definte about this! xx

They don't test for hpv when it's high grade CIN2/3 and CGIN.  It's just assumed. This is what my gynecologist told me last week at my post op because I asked the same question.

You can write in and ask them directly and or get a copy of your results and files in writing. Asking about smears and testing in general can be done via a foi

If you have the NHS app you can find your smear results on there on your health records That’s where I got a copy of mine from x