low grade + High Risk HPV

Hi all,

I have just had my colposcopy after my latest smear had shown low grade changes and high risk HPV positive.
Obviously I have been reading and reading since I had the letter telling me and as far as I can gather the presence of the HPV is what stops the changes from being able to go back to normal on their own.

At my colposcopy today I was told that what she could see confirmed what my smear had shown and wanted to wait and see what happens in a years time.

Obviously I am pleased that it didn’t shown anything too sinister but was told ‘could get better, could get worse, we’ll just wait and see’ kind of thing. Knowing how much worry I have been through just knowing that these changes are there is it selfish of me to wish that she had just taken the bad cells away rather than leaving them there to potentially get worse?

Is it worth me fighting to have them removed or is it just a losing battle?

Thanks so much everyone xx

Hi There,

I know with low grade/cin 1 you have a higher percentage of them returning to normal which is why they do the leave you approach rather than treat them. I know thats no good for you as you are worried and waiting is horrible.

How long before you go back for another check up?

Hopefully they do go away xx

Thanks Louise

Yeah the waiting now is the worst bit, just kind of got left with yeah that looks abnormal yeah I can see the hpv and that was that.

Another smear in a years time - am already on yearly checks.  Just wish they would take them out.  Just feel like I'm waiting around for it to get worse before they will do anything about them.

Think I'm just finally coming to terms with how I feel about it all, since getting the letter saying it's abnormal again have been trying to convince myself that I'm fine about it as been through this before -  definitely having a little melt down now.

Thanks for the support hun really appreciated xx