Positive HPV results letter, negative on medical notes

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this with their results before- I'm not getting anywhere with my GP as they are rediculously snowed under because of the pandemic.

I had my routine CS over 2 weeks ago, nurse advised me to call if I didn't receive results in 2 weeks

i called as I hadn't received results and receptionist advised they have my results and she will get a nurse to call me back. Nurse called me and advised my results were negative and I was due back in 12 months for another... (everyone will know if they were negative and no concerns it should be 3 years not 1). Questioned this and she read off the notes that I was at high risk of HPV- is that even a thing? There is nothing online to suggest you can be diagnosed as high risk of contracting HPV.. especially strange as I'm in a long term relationship and can't think of a reason that I would be high risk unless it was something they found in my cells?


anyway- nurse said she didn't know why this was and to call to make a GP appointment to enquire further.
I returned home that evening to find my results had turned up and that I was HPV positive.

Then comes the battle to get through to the GP which took me 2 days as they were so busy there wasn't even a queue system. Finally got through and the receptionist advised my notes do say it was negative.. again she said she would get a nurse to call me back. Over 24 hours later I got a call from the surgery whilst I was putting my boys to bed at 18.30 this evening! No message left. 

so basically I'm majorly confused. I don't know if I am positive or not, I don't know where on earth HPV came from if I am (me and husband been together since last negative smear 3 years ago and neither have cheated). 
min so confused as to how I can be high risk of HPV? Supposedly my cells were looked at for cervical cancer due to my positive result (in letter) however now I'm unsure as I've been told by surgery I'm negative (maybe they weren't checked)z


and icing on the cake.. I have had some of the cervical cancer symptoms mentioned on the letter (pain during Sex, pin during screening, irregular bleeding). I'm not overly concerned by this however believe it should be checked out. 

basixally I'm not having a lot of luck with the GP and will obviously chase this up however anyone any advice? 

Its sounds to me like you've tested positive for a high risk strain of hpv but that your cells were normal so I think they would then either  send you to colposcopy or just see you again in one year. The hpv can lay dormant so can show up even when in a long term relationship or it could be that your area didn't test for hpv last time you had a smear. They've changed the way they test now, they test for hpv firstand if its negative they don't test the cells for changes but if hpv positive they test the cells.

I agree with the poster above it sounds like you have hpv but negative cell changes . When you get a positive hpv but negative cell change result you are called back for a test a year later . It sounds like she's got confused and maybe read "high risk hpv" ( don't panic the hpv they test for is called high risk ) as well as seing a negative cell result and got confused . As much as we all get desperate for our results I guess this is why receptionists who aren't medically qualified shouldn't be giving out results ! 

As for the hpv - it can lay dormant for many years . I read something that suggested most people actually catch it very soon after becoming sexually active - because it's so common - but if it's dormant it won't be detected on a smear . This type of hpv is not tested for in your basic std checks , men have it too but they just aren't tested . It's estimated a high percentage of the population have it at some point but it's only really those who happen to have the virus active at the time of the smear test who ever know . So realistically either of you could have caught it before you even met and it's just active now . I was in the same position, I had been with my husband for 4 years when I had my positive result last year and yet I had had a negative result the year before . 


Thank you both, that's really helpful.

it's very strange as even the nurse said my results were negative so perhaps she has misread them too? All very confusing. My results letter didn't mention colposcopy so possible they just want me back in a year as the letter says. Hopefully I'll get some clarification! Will put my mind at ease if I know my cells were tested for abnormal so that's good. Thanks again 

Hi lovely, 


I agree with the forum members above. The most likely situation is that you tested positive for HPV and negative for abnormal cell changes. So they'll get you back in 12 months for another cervical screening to ensure your body has fought the HPV virus and is back to laying dormant again, which is the most likely outcome. Xx