Would like some advise after LLETZ please?

Hi everyone!! :-) 

I've been lurking around for a little while and reading alot which has really helped me so far. You are all so lovely and strong :-) 

I'm 28 so I've had my second smear this month. Got a letter through on the 11th Feb saying I have high grade abnormalities also received my colposcopy appointment through the same day, which scared the hell out of me because it was so soon. Went along to my appointment on Monday, she said she found the cells which needed removing and took a biopsy. I found the procedure rather painful. 

Anyway I've been doing ok, had bleeding and felt a little uncomfortable since but today I've had a lot of pain in my lower back and pain in what seems like in my ovaries and now I've started bleeding heavy and it's bright red......... is this normal? Could it be my period starting early maybe due to stress? Just a little unsure what to do so any advice would be helpful.


Thank you :-) 

hello :)


I would call your GP or the Coloscopy unit and just explain about the bleeding. i not 100% sure but i dont think it should be bright red. I would call just to be on the safe side - it could be nothing but better to check than leave it! 

i had the same thing as you, results and appt letter at the same time - also had 1 punch biospy done. I had cramps afterwards (and i couldnt explain were the cramping was) but around the ovarys does make sense as thast were i had mine.

hope you feel better soon!


heavy red bleeding needs a phonecall. It may be that (sorry if TMI) your scab over your biopsy site 8-} has come off and therefore you have cramps and bleeding.

Hoping u feel lots better soon xx 

Always get fresh red blood checked out, I had hysteroscop, colposcopy & lletz on the 4th feb then started bleeding a week later, wasn't sure if it was from the lletz or period but got it checked out to be on the safe side and I ended up haemorrhaging for 12 hours two days ago and had to go back for more surgery and now currently recovering from the loss of blood. Speak to your GP that's what they are there for.