New to this post LLETZ stress

Hi all, I have just created an account here but I have spent many hours reading through this forum since I was advised that my smear came back abnormal.


I had my smear a few months ago, a biopsy on 30 Apr and LLETZ on Friday 24 May.  The nurse and doctor were lovely people who done so much to keep me nice and calm although on the outside I looked cool as a cucumber when really inside I was petrified. All seemed well after surgery and I took a couple of painkillers and got on with my day but about 6/7 hours after the treatment I have very heavy bleeding, I was changing pads every 10-15 minutes. I thought it would pass but this went on for about 3 hours where there was really no point in me leaving the bathroom as I was literally dripping like a tap (sorry for being so gross) and I had bad cramp into the bargain.


This has now stopped although I still have a few weeks left before the topical paste is gone(this is vile) I am glad it's over and just hope that my follow up comes back clear. 

I phoned in sick for work the following day as I was scared the heavy bleeding would start again so tomorrow I have to face the return to work - oh the joys! Reading through all your posts have really helped though so I thank you all.


Erin :-)

Hi, hope your ok! That bleeding really doesnt sound great, you probably should have gone to doctors asap. I'm sure it won't happen again but if it does please ring colposcopy clinic or go to GP.

Good luck with your results, i'm sure you'll get all clear :-)  xxx