I’m due to have a colposcypy on Thursday. Im really nervous I tend to worry about any appointments for anything let alone getting half naked with a stranger looking up my skirt lol.
I went to the Dr’s with irregular bleeding been getting worse over last 3/4 months slight bleeding after sex for about same amount of time. Also not been able to use tampons they feel really uncomfortable and like they’re being pushed out !. I’m 33 have 2 children all Up to date with smears, normal results and next one due 2017. Dr had a look and said she could see a lot of cervical erosion. She has booked me for an internal scan and the colposcypy. Could the cervical erosion be anything other than that.? ? The letter explained nothing just where to go and appointment time. I’m imagining the worse and panicking. X

Hi there. Sorry that you are having a worrying time. It is only natural when your body is telling you something isn't quite right. A cervical erosion would explain the irregular bleeding/bleeding after sex as parts of your cervix will be raw, so any friction will cause it to bleed. How old are your children? It took me at least 12 months after having my second child, to be able to comfortably wear tampons again. They always felt like they were falling out and weren't sitting right. I had my erosion cauterised and compared to a smear test, the procedure wasn't much different really. After two children, smear tests and a few examinations down below, I don't let it worry me so much cause they've seen plenty. Good luck with your appt and US, I'm sure both will be fine x

My children are 14 and 10 not so little anymore!! .

Ive also been having mild period like cramps and lower back pain .And Possibly TMI ive noticed after BM slight spotting again . 100% not from bum . I'm getting way ahead of myself and literally I could stub my toe and see it as a symptom at the moment.  I'm just really worried.  Xl


i was so nervous about my colposcopy I had never had one and was thinking the worst. it's a little awkward but the nurses were lovely and they ask you questions that don't seem forced, :9 or does actually take your mind off it.


I had mine on the 15th and they took a biopsy, I still hadn't received a letter with results so I phoned my GP surery. I was told the doctor will phone back to discuss the results this morning... stilll waiting and I feel really anxious. it is protocol but you know you just wonder why couldn't they just tell me I am fine there and then why does the doctor have to Phone?! 


Has anyone had had a similar experience? 


Send love to all you strong ladies x

Hi LouH88.

Hope you've heard from your Dr's by now (with good news)  I'm finding the waiting really hard it just gives you time to think up a million worse case scenario doesn't it.  My colposcopy is tomorrow and I'm still waiting for my I.S appointment.  Looking on here has definitely helped . I'm not as worried about the actual colposcopy as I was now or even if they have to do anything else. So glad I cane across this site.  

Sending non panicky positive love xx