Worried and referred

So iv been lurking on this forum for about 3 weeks now. I’m 23 years old and have been referred to a gynaecologist for a colposcopy. I went to the doctors first for very light and not very often spotting about a month ago, she took a look and said she could see something on my cervix and when she touched it with something it was bleeding, so confirmed the blood was coming from my cervix. Anyway last week I had sex and bled a lot then was spotting all day gradually getting lighter and lighter. But the spotting seems to be getting worse. I have dull lower back pain, dull abdominal pain, quite a few more symptoms too. My minds gone blank at the moment, my appointment is on the 19tg of this month and I can’t sleep with the stress and worry and waiting. I don’t know what I want to gain from this post just wanted to post and get it out abit :slight_smile: thanks.

Please don't worry to much ( easier said than done ) they are doing the right thing getting you seen, but a lady I know had bleeding and pain and it was a cervical erosion, there were no abnormal cells or anything just This erosion. She had it removed and has had no problems since. There also could be abnormal cells, iv had no bleeding but had bad pains for months before I got my letter saying my smear was abnormal but I have had them taken away yesterday and it wasn't painful, more uncomfortable. Hopefully they got all mine and I'll have no problems too, try not to panic.