Hi, I'm new to this site but wishing for some support


I had my first child 7 months ago, when having sex since the birth I have been bleeding after, like a full on period, for a week.

I went to my Drs today and without even looking at me he said he's referring me to the gyn. He said that I need my cervix cauterised, how would he know without looking? 

I suffer really bad with anxiety and I've convinced myself that I'm dying, im riddled with cancer etc. I'm sorry I've posted I know you all have real problems 

Hi there. You have done the right thing going to the drs and he has referred you straight away, which is great. I had to go back twice before I was referred to a gynaecologist. Hopefully your appointment will come through quickly. It's the not knowing that messes with your head but try to stay positive until you know what's what. This is a great place to let out your fears and worries, We all know how hard it is. Let us know how you get on. X

I feel a lot more positive today, it's only been happening for the last two months so that tells me that whatever it is is very early?

also no point in me worrying right now until I have been to see someone and know all about what is happening.