I am worrying quite a bit like many others on here.

A little history.....

I had my first child 13 years ago. During my pregnancy I had a severe bleed while having sex. Went into hospital, was told all was ok with the baby and I had an erosion on my cervix.

A year or so later I had my second child. 4 months after I had a neurological episode later diagnosed as Clinically Isolated syndrome. (First attack of MS and unrelated of course).

Fast forward to around 2015. Started with bleeding in-between periods and really bad ovary pain. Went to the doctor's and had a scan and all was fine.

This continued but pain wasn't always bad. 

2017, July, I had another baby. When my periods started to get regular again (extremely heavy) I started with the bleeding between periods again and pain. Pain not so bad but bleeding more. Not heavy and light pink.

I went to the doctor's. After an examination she said she was going to send me for my smear a year early and do a scan. (Also had blood tests, all fine).

To my surprise I got a letter for Colposcopy. I freaked as this wasn't what was mentioned. 

Told my appointment was urgent when I tried to change it and had to keep it. Got my Mum to come and help with my baby as my partner was away.

They cancelled the appointment and didn't know when they could rearrange it! I kicked up a stink and eventually they got me one for Monday the 1st of October.

I had the examination, I was hoping he wasn't going to do a biopsy but he said after looking he thought he should. He could see the erosion and bleeding but was concerned about the section in the centre. 

He also cauterised my cervix. Not nice! 

I have always attended my smears. Last one was two years ago and apparently normal. 

I'm really worried as I have had this bleeding for over 3 years and back pain too, though I am aware this is probably not related. 

I just want to know if anyone has had anything similar and what the out come was.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.