Worrying like crazy :(

Hi all,


I'm 21 and am currently on the Depo injection, for the past two months i have been feeling really bloated all the time and have been spotting constantly. After reading the symptoms for cervical cancer i'm really panicking. Also for a while now after sex i seem to bleed, i have been putting these symptoms down to my hormones but after seeing all these comments i'm starting to believe different. 


Please could anyone tell me any other symptoms?? Im driving myself insane :( 



Hi there I'm sorry you are feeling this way and so young also. My best advice is go to the doctors don't be scared just go. There is loada of other things it can be apart from the dreaded c word! I have just been diagnosed with stage 1b2 cervical cancer and I'm 24 and had no symptoms what so ever! All I say don't google I made that mistake and got my self in a right tizzy thinking everything was over :(. Bite the bullet and go doctors and dont walk out till they have taken a look or done a smear for you. Too many people get fobbed off xxx

Hi, mostly cc is a symptomless cancer, however you can experience discarge, back pain, irregular bleeding or bleeding after sex. if you do have these symptoms it doesn't mean you have cancer it could be related to your implant. I would advise you like the person said above to go to the doctors and keep pestering them until you have answers. I'm 24 and had cc it took me 6 trips before they would take me seriously.


good luck x

How long have you been on the depo? I was on it for over 2 and a half years and remember the first year being an absoloute breeze and thinking i should of been using it all along. 2 years on it and i thought it was the worst thing i'd ever done, constantly mardy, bloated.. spotted.. complete loss of sex drive. I've now been off it a year and know the hormones from it are still in my body. I know it affects everyone differently but if i knew how itd make me feel now i'd never of touched it. I'd really consider coming off it, I dont think there is any link between depo and CC but i now know it wasn't for me x