I'm so confused all my symptoms are pointing to cervical cancer (children mentioned)

Hey ladies, I'm so confused and looking for some insight - I realise this is a touchy subject and I'm so sorry for anyone going through it ... But I'm soo scared!! I had my little boy 16 week ago - went on depo when he was 6 weeks old. No problems what so ever (plus I've been on it before with no problems) come Saturday 18th June I started bleeding - nothing major just a slow flow of blood - 12 days later it was still there getting heavier and heavier - doctors put me on some tablets to try and stop it - they didn't work - the bleeding got worse and worse - they are referring me for an ultrasound which I have tomorrow - the doctor examined me and she said it does look like I'm bleeding from my cervix - im 22 so never had a smear done either ... All my symptoms are - Unexplained bleeding Extreme fatigue (not because of my baby because he sleeps all night) I literally have to walk holding my eyes open Rectal bleeding Diarrhea I have had unusual smelling discharge before but nothing major Pain in pelvic/pubic region really really bad!! And bloody mucus from my vagina Please can anyone give me any insight ?? I asked the doctor about requesting a smear test and she said they will not give me a smear because of my age I'm so scared I have two young boys who need me but at the moment I'm soooo down!!! Xxxx

Dear Lauralou sorry to hear your having a difficult time. This is obviously a worrying time for you. Your symptoms can be different things and not always cancer. It is good you have been referred for a scan if this is under a gynaecologist then they can do a smear if they feel you need one so don't worry if your gp hasn't. I am a contraceptive nurse specialist and depo can cause bleeding problems even if you haven't had any previously. I know it's difficult but try to stay positive and enjoy your boys. I hope you get your scan results quickly and this helps a bit

Hello Laura Hannah - thanks for your response - my GP is going to refer me to a gynea  I understand the depo can cause irregular bleeding but my gp said it cannot cause It to the extent I'm having it it's literally like a tap with massive clots maybe the size of a tennis ball (Literally now exageration) I had my ultrasound today and she told me something is unusual which the lining of my womb is unbelievably thick which it shouldn't be - and that wouldn't be causing the bleeding because if it was it would be getting thinner - she said the next steps would be a biopsy to see what's what. I'm more scared because of my children xx