Help any advice!

HI ladies I am all new to this! I am 21 years old and I have 2 children one being 5 and the other just turned 2 I had a smear test after I gave birth to my second child and Im not due for another smear test till next year. The results come back negative so I was happy. In April 2014 I started having the depo injection which Im fine on no problems or Un normal bleeding since I have had it.. But in may I started having pains in my lower tummy which I was thinking cervix! I have been bleeding and having pain during and after sex and the bloodis getting heavier. Sometimes when I go to the toilet I have a spot of blood to, I'm going to the toilet having a wee a lot too. So I thought I best go and check this out with doctor. I went to see my doctor a few days before Christmas and they took swabs and the sent it away to see if I had any sort of infection, I rang back then a week later and they come back fine! All negative so they sent me down the GUM clinic in hospital so I had more swabs and bloods tests done there and they are treating me to pelvic disease so I'm on antibiotics and been on them for 2 Weeks! Pain is still there bleeding and everything else. I rang the clinic back yesterday to see about my results and they have all come back negative too. I'm being refured to see a gynecologist but I don't know how long it will take!! Does this sound like cervical cancer as I'm really worried and I have all the symptoms it says on the Internet??? Anyone been though same thing as me? 


It says because I had a smear test when I was 20 the results wouldn't come accurate as a 25 year old as my body is still developing! So I am scared!! Any advice please thank you 

Hi Daisy!

Sorry to hear you are so worried. Your symptoms could be all sorts of things and your gynaecologist is just the person to sort it out. It seems your GP thinks it might be something else but, whatever, I hope you have your appointment soon.

Lots of people come to this site with something funny going on down there, having done a bit of Googling and worry that they have cervical cancer when that's really not the case. Sadly, most of those women don't stick around on this forum so, mostly, you'll have to put up with people who had a bit more going on. (But we're very nice and want to do what we can to help! :)) Google takes you on a scary ride that will have you thinking the worst. My advice to you is to get off the ride, have a cup of tea and wait for your gynae to sort you out.

If this is causing you lots of worry then do badger your GP to make sure you get seen soon. Apart from the fact we shouldn't ignore funny things our bodies are doing, ongoing stress is something they need to be concerned about. You need some answers! Sending you calming hugs, Daisy and remember....stay away from Dr Google!! ;)

Kirsty xx

Hi Daisy,

Again sorry to hear you are having such a horrible time at the moment. It sounds like seeing a gynaecologist is an excellent idea, especially if the antibiotics haven't helped. 

Kirsty is right, Dr Google is very good at worrying us silly sometimes, it's probably best to avoid it. If it helps I had bleeding like that for months once and it wasn't related to cancer, just some nasty form of cystitis. 

Separately what you were told about your smear results was a little bit misleading. The results are just as accurate for women at 21 yrs old as they are for women at 25 yrs old. The uncertainty they were probably referring to is to do with figuring out the causes of abnormal results in younger women, as more often than not it's nothing to worry about.  

So, if you had a smear when you were 21 and it came back negative, it was negative. I hope you can take some comfort in that.


Hi ladies thank you for the replys :) Yes I am staying away from Dr Google but I thought that if I join a group who has or is going through the same thing maybe they could give my mind at rest as I've been to the doctor and I have told them how I feel and talked about if it could be this and they haven't said anything to me just told me to go down the GUM clinic in hospital. I've got to go back to see the doctor on Tuesday so hopefully they will speed things up with the gynecologist. I have been  through the cystitis situation 4 years ago and it's totally different symptoms to what I am having now, I didn't bleed and was just having pain and I had a ultrasound and x ray and one of them burst into my ovaries. 


It is worrying but I've got my kids that are keeping me busy at the moment. I get very excited when the post man comes too just incase it's a letter haha! But fingers crossed I'll get an appointment soon as it does seem to be getting worse! Thank you means alot replying to me 


Daisy xx