Worries after hvp+ result


Last week I’ve received my cervical screening results letter stating that I tested hpv+ but no abnormal cells were found. I’ve rang the GP surgery and spoke to the nurse about the results and she said about the 1-2 years for it to clear. This is my second time however. I tested hpv+ but no abnormal cells in 2019 but then was negative in 2020. The nurse didn’t seem concerned, but I am really worried. My brother-in-law is terminally ill and all I can think of for everything right now is worst case scenario. I have read that hpv can, but doesn’t have to cause changes.

Do I need to concentrate on being in the system and monitored. I don’t know the nurse seemed to think the no abnormal cells is the positive to take away from this. I’ve spoken to the helpline at Jo’s Trust as well and they told me how common hpv+ is.

I am so worried about cancer. Do other people worry so much?

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Morning :slight_smile:

All I can say is I am a massive worrier. My smear was high grade changes and my biopsies confirmed CIN2, my LLETZ confirmed CIN3 and that sent me into overdrive thinking that the cells had progressed so much within one month. I don’t mind being honest, this caused me a lot of trauma, and I am currently booked in to see a mental health nurse as my doctor thinks i’ve developed healthy anxiety following on from what I’ve just gone through. I recently found lumps on my neck and immediately went to a very negative thought. It’s normal to worry, but not when it takes over your day to day life.

Please just be assured that you’re in the system and they are monitoring you, however if it is causing you real concern, please go and talk to a doctor. They take it very seriously when it comes to these sort of worries, and in my experience they won’t fob you off.

Thank you for your honesty. I am trying to distract myself but it can be hard. When I spoke to the doctor about my anxiety he just asked whether I wanted to take antidepressants.

That is why I came here to see what experiences people had and also just to feel a bit more normal if that makes sense and that I am not on my own, because it can be a very lonely place.

I also feel that people don’t talk enough about it.