Worried first timer

Hi all, 

Basic summary I had first smear in Jan 2014 showing abnormal cells (CIN3), so went to colposcopy where they took biopsy etc to confirm CIN3. I then had my loop ddiathermy done 4weeks ago tommorow, where they told me they will send results and return visit in 6months. However I have today recieved a letter dated yesterday to attend an appointment tommorow with the gynae consultant to discuss my results.  I am now working myself into a frenzy worried about what they are wanting to see me for. Anyone else experienced similar?! Thanks in advance for any replys. xx


I had an abnormal smear 9 years ago. It went from Cin2 to Cin 5 very quickly

They cleared the growth by removing half my cervix.  I have been fine for 9 years. 

I had a smear last month which has come back abnormal again and I have been having heavy painful periods for the past 6 months with now constant pelvic pain.

I had a scan last week which showed a 9mm growth in my uterus. Its been confirmed its not a fibroid.  

The doctor can not confirm or it not Cancer.  I am waiting for the Gyney appointment now. 

You are still in very early stages hopefully they are just going to confirm its been removed and your clear.