I'm new, cin2 then loop, awaiting results

Hi everyone, I am new to this and have been reading alot of your thoughts and worries. I have just had the loop done April13 and am waiting the results. Back in nov 12 I had a smear that came back "normal" and basically gotntold I'm worrying over nothing......I persisted to get checked again as I was experiencing cc symtoms, I had a colposcopy done jan13 which showed ab cells( quite obvious on the screen) took a biopsy and I awaited the results-cin2 march 13, I was quite shocked as had been reassured I was clear! I'm so glad I inisted that something weren't right with me.I also had a scan done which showed a cyst on my ovary,I had lap op in feb 13 to remove & drain cyst on my ovary&thought maybe my symptoms were related to this originally.I am so worried what my results will be from loop,as they seem to have mislead my worry(cyst) when actually my body has been telling my the right info. Has anyone else had the same experience as me?and can you please give me your thoughts as I'm so confused,worried and feel alone with it all. Xxxx

Hi Small Lady,

Sorry to hear that you are going through this and just wanted to say that you have come to thr right forum for help and advice.

I am in a slightly different place to you but I too have always had normal smears throughtout so never even thought I had a problem until my periods changed in December and I seemed to be getting them every couple of weeks and then I had the most painful sex and a couple of days later I had another period. After bleeding for 20 days I went to see my doctor. I had blood tests taken and was put on a tablet to stop the bleeding. An internal examination shows that I have a number of growths on my cervix and Ive been referred for an urgent appointment. I had an ultrasound yesterday to check for cysts and fibroids on the ovaries and fallopian tubes and mine are clear.

I am only at the start of the process but wanted to reply to your post as you seemed very anxious. Its human nature to worry.

thinking of you

K x

Hi k, thank you so much for your kind comment, I sorry we both on here, but I’m glad that I have found somewhere that’s relates to my feelings and situation.

Do you ever feel lost when your waiting for results? I am praying that mine come back normal, praying with all my heart, I have a 2 Yr old daughter who I love so so much, and me and her dad only got married 27oct12, so I feel extremely not incontrol of what I thought was my life properly starting(family etc)
I’m sorry I’m rambling but so many thoughts and feelings to express x
I really hope your app goes well for you tues, please let me know how you ge on, and I know this is only a few messages between us, please mail me anytime 

Hi small lady,
I know what you mean about being lost with the waiting…I said to my husband the other day that it feels like our whole life is on hold whilst we wait for appointments and results.
We have 3 children and in a couple of weeks my eldest turns 11 and its so hard to keep things going whilst you don’t know what is wrong with you.

Everything has happened so quickly with the referral and having a scan but to me it seems that I have been waiting ages. I am seeing the gynaecologist tomorrow and hoping I may get some answers.

Keep me posted about your results.

Kerry x x


I think sometimes it’s hard for men to understand how we feel, we are made of different stuff!!! My husband does try but I know he is worrid and thinks he can’t show it ( man thing) do younknow what they are going to do tomorrow? Are they taking any samples etc? I hate not knowing what thier intention are, you can’t mentally prepare for it properly!

I really hope that your visit tomorrow is positive and you can go home to your hubby and give him a big hug and say let’s crack on with life! That’s my biggest wish for everyone on here xxxxx

Let me know, I’m always here xxxx 

Thanks…my husband has nearly fallen to pieces over this and I haven’t even had the news either way. I really don’t know what they will be doing at the appointment today and just like you that’s what I hate the most. I want to know the process and what they will be doing at each stage.
The growths are visible without a microscope so my doctor has informed me so I don’t know whether I will have a colposcopy or what will happen today. I have been up most of the night with my little boy who has a sickness bug so no school for him…I’ve just had to arrange child care with my mum but this has risen my stress levels too.

I am thinking positive thoughts (or trying too) but its really hard.

X x

How was it today Hun? Are you ok? Sorry to hear about your little boy, it horrible when they sick, and like you said it’s another little worry.

Come back to me when your ready, I do hope you ok though xxxxx

I went today and saw the gynaecologist and had a colposcopy. I had been told by my doctor that I had growths and a cyst on the cervix. He did something with the cyst and took a biopsy of cells and told me that I would hear back within 10 days.
He confused me slightly as he said before he even examined me that because of my age I was low risk…I’m actually 36 and thought CC was diagnosed more in women in their 30’s and 40’s.
He said that he’s pretty sure all will be ok because I’ve never had an abnormal smear but until I know the results of the biopsy I still feel a little anxious. X x


Docs do amaze me sometimes… I’m 29 and always had normal smears, and here I am… I know they are only trying to put your mind at rest by saying nice things, but actually I thinknit confuses you more, doesn’t it?
How are you feeling pain wise? I didn’t have any pain after loop, and no bleeding… Until a little today.( it’s been a week since loop) I did wonder if that was normal as being tampered around with down there I would of thought causes bleeding??? They said I might bleed for 4 weeks after!

My only bit of sanity at the mo is reading alot of womans posts they normally hear back within 2 weeks after loop if it’s anything bad… A weeks past now, I knownit sounds silly but in my head I’m thinking get passed two weeks and I think I’ll be alright?

Hows your hubby been today? After my loop mine was brill, he laid me up on sofa( bless him, I was actually ok but went with it as he trying so hard) our little girl was with his mum so I did get a few hours to chill, which was nice. Did you have time to chill today after it all?

Try stay busy, and keep in touch, if it helps then all is worth it xxx

I know that the consultant was trying to reassure me but I think the nurse was a lot more helpful as when she was walking us out hubby said to her so does that mean we can rule out Cancer and she said try not to think about it and everything will be confirmed once the biopsy has been done.

I'm not being negative at all but like I was trying to say to hubby I have had a lot of the symtoms for 2 months now and no consultant can be 100% sure until the biospy comes back......thats the reason why they do the biopsy.

I was in some pain last night......more crampy then anything because of what he did with the cyst. I never looked on the screen when he was doing it either.

We picked up my little boy from my mums and my 2 girls were picked up from school by my hubbys parents and they stayed the night there so I went to bed early with a hot water bottle.

I really do hope your results come back fine. x x

Hi sorry to just barge in on thread but I need to speak with those familliar to what Im going through. sorry to hear you are both going through this stressful time.

im a mum to 4, the last 2 were born 10.5 months apart...this is where my main problems started. i started getting smears done at 20 on advice of my midwife after having my 1st (8 years ago) the results were always a pattern of abnormal then follow up then normal, wait 6 months, abnormal etc (plus the 3 breaks in smears due to pregnancies) this didnt worry me too much due to the normal ones inbetween... fast forward to 2010 i delivered 



whoops i hit save...

 i delivered my 4th myself en route to hospital and im convinced somethimg went wromg with delivery ie scarring or something.

i now have had scans and found fibroids, had extremely heavy periods which have strated to settle, through the process of sorting my periods my smears showed borderline changes 3 times in a row so i was caled for colposcopy

Hi new and confused,

Don’t apologise as you’re not butting in at all :slight_smile: I’m sorry to hear that you have had borderline changes and you now have fibroids. When are you booked for your colpscopy?
Have they said any more to you? I wasn’t told very much which made me panic a lot…all I was told that I would be referred urgently as my doctor was worried about the growths I had and would be seen within 2 weeks.

The consultant will be able to see if there is any scarring and they will also give you lots of information. I would make a list of questions too as your mind does go a little blank when you are in there.

Keep me posted on how you get on.

Kerry x x

sorry again....silly phone

colposcopy biopsies showed CIN 2/3 so i had LLETZ last week which has gone really well healing wise. confusing that i was only borderline but doc actually said the cells were ov er 50% of my TZ and they were half way through changing..strange statement for my consultant to make. i relaxed a bit after it but now concerned over what they may find.

so glad im finished having babies now.sorry for typos my phome isnt the easiest to use



Hi new and confused,

Sorry to hear your going through all this, it’s the worst thing isn’t it? You sound like your getting al the right treatment from what you said, Just make sure you keep onto of results etc. My doc said to me( made me panic when he did, but think he was just being real about things) no news doesn’t mean good news! So make sire you chase it all the time.

You have come to right place for comfort chatting( you don’t feel out of place on here) everyone seems so nice and helpful, it’s a brill site.

Always come back an chat if you need to, always here x

Hi Kerry,

Sorry delayed reply, how are you feeling now with your pain? Did it settle atall?

I watched the whole loop process( I am quite interested in what they are doing to me and don’t get squeamish, strange I know) I think seeing it being taken was a way of helping me understand it being taken from me, if that makes sense? But … It s when they say, you get your results… Then that scare comes flying back!

I was at work today( no one knows anything) and just watching people walk by, it really made it clear to me that I’m just one woman in this big world and there’s just so Many people to help, you just never know what people are going through do you 

The pain has subsided some what and yesterday I managed to get some housework done. I have been sitting quietly in the evenings watching the children play and actually appreciating it so much more and being thankful for what I have…strange I know but when you’re waiting for results you tend to think a lot too.

My husband came to the hospital with me but he looked at the floor all the time…he hates blood etc and I thought he may pass out…lol

My eldest came home from school yesterday…she will be 11 in a few weeks time and although I haven’t told her what I am being tested for she knows I have had to go to the hospital etc. She had a card for me and when I read inside it made me cry…it said ’ I am hoping that you are ok and get better soon. I am worried that you’re going to be taken away and live in hospital and children are not allowed in so I just wanted to say you are beautiful and love you so much’

Just want to get the results back now and move on. I take it you haven’t heard anything yet? As they say no news is good news.

Thinking of you.

Kerry x

Hi hun,

Nope nothing yetmight ring tomorrow see if they in?

Your children sound lovely, what a lovely thing to do  glad your pain has dulled, I’m bleeding more now, strange ay? Nothing for a week then boom! But no pain so I’m thankful for that.

I know what you mean about watching your children play, I have a little girl who’s 2, and she keeps me fully entertained… Strangled eggs(scrambled eggs lol) is the new
request of the week lol

They keep you smiling don’t they Hun xxxx

Keep me in the loop, ( bad word to use) in the know xxxx

Hi Hun,

have you had any results back yet? And how are you at the mo?

I’m feeling worse as the days progress to be honest, just want these results in so I can try ( really try) and get my brain working properly again because it cells like mushy worries at the moment xxx


Hi Hun,

No still have not heard about my results. I am still getting a little cramping from the Hysterscopy which the consultant performed on Tuesday. I am not sure whether this is normal or not.

Did you phone the hospital today? I am with you too about just wanting to know either way. Hubby is driving me up the wall and Im just happy that I will be back to work tomorrow as he works from home and his moods are all over the place. I think he is worrying about it all but does'nt know how to show it.

Hope you are ok today?