Normal smear but CIN3 found!!


Has anyone on here ever had a normal smear result but the a few months later been advised you have CIN3? ?

I had a few issues with intermittent bleeding sometimes after intercourse, with tummy pain etc I actually visited the GP as I thought I was starting with menopausal symptoms. I was overdue a smear so that’s the 1st thing they did(July 2015), while waiting for the results I was given a vaginal scan that showed a few fibroid. My smear results came back clear, but they wanted me to have a further test done and I was sent for a colposcopy.(Nov 2015) This showed a few grey areas so I had 2 biopsy done. The results of the biopsy where cin2 so had the loop treatment and I received results today from the shavings wgich state are now cin3??

My concern is all I have to do now is regular smear, 1st in 6mths, but if this didn’t detect cin2/3 the last time how can I rely on the result??


I totally understand what your saying.  I don't have an answer for you but I did not want to read and not reply. 

i would make an appointment to see your GP and discuss your concerns or speak to your hospital consultant if you can,   

sooner the better to put your mind at rest .  


Take care xx 


Thanks for the reply, I did speak to someone from the deptartment and she said they sometimes get results that don't match and these cases get rechecked to try and find out the reasons why. It's a bit scary to think what would have happened if my Dr stopped at smear result only. There's a meeting to be held 1st April so I'll hopefully have some answers.