Awaiting results

Hi, in 2005 I had cin 2, which was treated with loop diathermy.

i have had normal smears for the last 8 years, until aug 2013 when it was borderline changes.

my 1st colposcopy was normal in sept 2013. My second yesterday abnormal cells were found and I had 2 biopsies taken.

The letter I received said my cin 2 in 2005 was incompletely excised at the endocervical margin, I have no idea what this means.

im just worrying my self sick at the moment that in the space of 4 months I have gone from clear smears, to being told that I will

need another loop diathermy no matter what the biopsy shows.

thank you for reading

Hello :) If your letter says 'incompletely excised at the endocervical margin', couldn't this simply mean that they werent able to get all of the cells with the last treatment and are going to do it again to make sure you get clear margins? I also worried that I seemed to have gone from 0 changes right to CIN 3, but I was told at my colposcopy that that doesnt mean anything because they are still only dealing with pre-cancerous cells and not cancer. They never leave the cells because there is a a small chance that they could become cancerous if left, so it would make sense to take them away. At my lletz appointment I was told that high grade changes dont change more rapidly than any of the lower grades, its just that they are unlikely to clear on their own and so are always removed, whether it takes one or two attempts.. It also means that you are very much in the system.  Of course, you will be driving yourself mad with worry because we all go into panic mode, but if it helps to reassure you, yesterday I met someone who had Cin 3 removed twice by lletz in a short space of time and has gone on to have no further problems. Try to distract yourself and stay off Google. If you absolutely must look on the net, please just look on the British Association of Colposcopy site or stay on here, where you will find reassurinng, accurate info and not scare yourself silly. I spent 2 weeks in tears having scared myself silly needlessly. Big hugs xxxx

Hi, thank you for your reply, what you have said has made such a lot of sense. I worked myself up into such a state that I forgot to ask the all important questions, although I had the same thing 9 years ago, you still worry your self silly, just have to wait now. Thanks again :-)