worried! (children mentioned)

I am nearly 25 years old and just had my first smear test a month or so ago.  My results came back within a week saying I have severely abnormal cells...I'm sure you can all imagine my reaction. I think it makes it worse that it was my first smear because that means it might have been developing over many many years and could have formed into something more serious. I went to the colposcopy clinic and had the lletz treatment on the same day. It's been 12 days and the doctor said my results could take around 4 weeks...  so that's potentially another 16 days to wait :( every day when I come from work I dread it... wondering if the letter be on the door mat. Will it be bad news? I hate the waiting. Although when I had the treatment the doctor did say that he doesn't think I have anything more to worry about ... but do they say that to everyone? Was he just trying to stop me worrying? 

Me and my partner have been discussing children for a while, I've always wanted to be a mum and have a family off my own and now I've found the man I want to do that with, he's my best friend as well as my total other half. We have a happy and stable relationship, good jobs and bought our family home together last year.... 


Getting the abnormal results has really scared me and him as well and it's made us realise that if you want something there is no point in waiting, you never know what is going to happen. So we have decided that as soon as I am healed (around 10th September) and obviously as long as when I do eventually get my results they say no further treatment required, then we are going to try for a baby. I know that even if the results says that no further action is required at this stage then I have to go back in 6 months for another check up smear test but I don't want to wait any longer for children because I am terrified then when I do go for my check up, there is going to be a problem again and I will need further treatment and I read that the more of your cervix they take away, the less likely you are to be able to conceive a child naturally. 

Are we silly for trying to get pregnant before my check up? Can they still do the check up if you are pregnant? 

Sorry for the essay .... This site has been my saviour throughout all this.. as much as my other half loves me and tells me not to worry, he doesn't quite understand but you guys do, as you have been through it too. 


Thanks in advance

Hi worry pot. I've just had a borderline smear result and a cin3 result on the colposcopy biopsy. I'm waiting for treatment and very upset I didn't have it on the day of the colposcopy....

I totally understand your worry, I have a 6 month old baby and totally petrified...try to find comfort in what the Dr advised you and that you have hopefully had all the treatment you need to remove the abmormality. 

how did you find the treatment? I'm assuming that's what I'll have to have done too....

Hi NattyB26,  


Thanks for coming back to me.

At the time when I went for my colposcopy he said he had two choices, to do the colposcopy now and a small biopsy which would come back telling him what he already knew (that I had CIN3) and then I would have to come back for lletz treatment or he could do it all that day ... which is what I chose. From reading other people's posts it would appear that is just depends on which hospital you go to whether they do the treatment at the same time etc. I am such a worrier so was glad to get it out of the way all at once.  


The treatment wasn't pleasant ill be honest, i didn't cry or anything and it wasn't unbearable, it just wasn't very nice.  But then a lot of people say that after the local anaesthetic they can't feel anything but pressure in the area. It's over quite quickly and I was fine the next day (not painful walking or anything like that).


Have you had your appointment through for the treatment xx

Hi sorry I didn't come back to you sooner. my treatment date is 1st Sept. Feels so far away! So scared. Contemplating taking a diazepam beforehand to try and relax me a little bit.

with regards to your post, you can have smears whilst pregnant, just not any treatment but considering you have now had the treatment and the results confirm all has been removed there's no reason why you can't start trying. It took me and my partner a couple of years, for you it could be instant. I think you should totally go for it x