Worried about borderline smear and hpv

Hi all,

I have just come across this website and found it really helpful. I'm 24 so have just had the results from my first ever smear and they came back borderline with high risk hpv. I was hoping if someone could explain the difference between borderline and mild abnormalities? They have said I need to go for a colposcopy which has got we worked up in a right state. I know I shouldn't think the worst but I am, partly because I've been suffering from pelvic pain on and off for years (possibly because of ibs or my pcos) but now I'm wondering whether this could be linked? Any advice would be appreciated I am finding the results difficult to interpret and can't get an appointment with my GP. 

Hey there,

Basically borderline means that there are cells which dont look quite normal but they arent really sure if the abnormality is significant or not. At the moment the cells dont quite look CIN 1 but they dont look quite normal either. Because of HPV triage, they now test abnormal smears for hpv in some areas and then decide if colposcopy is needed or not... for reference I had a CIN 1 smear a few years ago which wasnt hpv tested and i wasnt sent to colposcopy. This year, I had a borderline result which was tested for HPV and even though milder than CIN 1, i was referred for colposcopy.  The cin1 never really stressed me out but this time, i was a mess, I think because I was referred for further tests.  Ive had pelvic pain, lower back pain etc which a tually seemed to get worse after ingot my smear results (the mind is great at playing tricks on us lol).

Try not to stress too much (i know, easier said than done-i freaked out so much!) You are now in the system and if there is anything that needs to be sorted, they can do that now! The colposcopy itself is fine... not much more uncomfortable than a smear.... if they do a biopsy, ul have some cramping and possibly spotting but normal painkillers work pretty well...its nothing worse than period pains really!

Good luck!!

Thank you! I think I've just freaked myself out, you hear those horror stories on the news and it's my first ever smear I just expected everything to fine. My boyfriend is being great, calming me down and saying that I should be glad I'm in the system now.

sorry - another question? How long will I have to wait for my colcoscopy, my letter says I should hear within one week? I know this depends on where you live but it's the waiting that's the worst!

Hey, I had the same result as you on my smear. Like Alex has said they have only recently started hpv testing the smears. I had 3 borderline smears then when my first one was hpv tested I was sent to colposcopy. The wait is different everywhere, but if the docs say it's an urgent referral then please do not panic, it's normal for it to be urgent. They do move quitr quickly yet the wait is the worst as you will have to wait for results of the biopsy for around 6 weeks, then the results of the procedure for up to 6 weeks. I'm telling you this so that your prepared for the fact of waiting because I wasn't really aware so therefore every singe day I was thinking about it, when looking back I wish I had of just relaxed and didn't let it take over my life as much. If the doctor says they can treat you on the day of the colposcopy then I advise you to say yes, as if they see you need treatment then to save time they do the procedure there and then, I declined that as I wasn't mentally prepared so this meant I had another 6 weeks wait. You will be fine, like Alex said the biopsy is just like a smear, the doc asks you to cough and then they take the biopsy and it's done, and as for the treatment I actually laughed after with relief because it was so quick and i didn't feel anything because of the anaesthetic of corse. They only treat CIN 2 and 3. if your found to only have CIN 1 at your colposcopy biopsy they may just ask you to come bank in 6 months xxx

I cant really comment on the waiting... im in northern ireland and the wait here is VERY long... i never recieved the letter saying id been referred-i called my doctor to ask if my smear was back and they told me then and told me i could call the hospital to ask how long it might be... they told me i could wait 34 weeks as I was non urgent which freaked me out even more.  I ended up going to a private consultant because i work abroad and was supposed to be back at work the week I found out my results! So for me, the whole process has been very quick and il be able to go back to work much sooner than the 34 weeks id originally thought it might be lol!

Honestly, the waiting is the worst part of all... i had a normal smear last June so I wasnt expecting anything this time and  i honestly had myself beyond worked up...i live alone too so I frequently found myself sitting crying uncontrollably...its been a crazy emotional rollercoaster.  So many of my friends havent been going for their smears though so now they have me pestering them all the time haha its something still kind of seen as a 'taboo' subject but i think women need to share there experiences of this more.  Ive already convinced one of my friends to get booked in for her first smear-shes 29 now!

Sorry, i think ive gone off on a rant here!

Its good your boyfriend is being supportive and now you have found this site so youve got a great group of people to help u thrugh this :-)